Over-the-top vaccine txt's from friends

I don’t know if any of you are seeing similar messages, but somehow I got on a group txt with some in-laws who are sending a ridiculous number of txt messages of their vaccine experience. It has been nonstop stupid.

1:12pm - Here is a picture of me getting the vaccine!

1:16pm - I got a bandaid for my shot. Here is a picture!

2:19pm - Does anyone know how long you are supposed to keep the bandaid on?!? They did not tell me.

5:43pm - No fever so far! Fingers crossed!

Jeez people! It’s like it’s the first time they’ve ever had an injection! :roll_eyes:

So I was thinking… maybe I should start sending out txt’s to this same group of people, about every… single… thing… I do for diabetes for a few days.

9:13am - I am taking some insulin for my Cheerios this morning. [picture] Fingers crossed!

11:32am - It’s time to calibrate the Dexcom.

12:11pm - I am going to take a shot for lunch now. Does anyone know how much insulin it takes for Fettuccine Alfredo?

2:27pm - I am checking my blood sugar, and my finger is bleeding! Should I use a bandaid?

2:29pm - OMG! Look at the cute Spiderman bandaid I used! [picture]

3:01pm - Is it okay to take the bandaid off now?

6:40pm - My pod is beeping. Should I change it now, or after dinner?

I should do that for a few days to this same txt group. :joy:


I certainly think that is an excellent idea, also don’t forget to raffle off where you inject yourself. Everything can be turned into a money maker


Did you really mean raffle? There would be nothing left of Eric.


Today’s the BIG day !! Pod change. Perhaps I’ll finally join big social media so I can post the play by play to my followers…

Reminiscent of why I gave up on FB years ago. I friended a young man Nick (hockey friend) who posted every minor and major event in his daily life. My phone was buzzing constantly every time Nick went out to eat, changed his socks, fed the cat, etc.



Who makes that into just one post?

I share when I change my left sock. And then I share again when I change my right sock. :rofl:


@Eric if you decide to actually text-bomb your relatives, make sure you don’t combine thoughts no matter how contextual. Each thought DESERVES the full weight and emphasis as when you originally thought it. Sharing is caring, lol


Why does Höglander soak his socks before donning his skates? - Vancouver Is Awesome
I’m curious about this odd behavior…it would for sure merit a text update. He is an awesome skater by the way, never stops moving his feet. Despite the pooled water that is inside his skates.


I’d be glad to share all the details of my vaccine experience next Tuesday with your in-laws.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I always struggle with the bandaid issues (Pokémon or Unicorns) and could use some advice. Since they have experience they might be able to help.


No, no no. You have to leave the bandaid on until it falls off (it’s sort of like socks). I am being totally honest here; when I broke my collar bone into three pieces (this January) I was told that I had to leave the dressing on unless it fell off.

Tell your guys that they can get these patches (they are actually made for Dexcom G6 CGMs) that will stop the bandaid falling off prematurely if applied correctly. They’re great; saves you from an inconvenient, and so embarrassing, bandaid drop when you’re not expecting it.


But then you need more tape to keep the dexcom patch on, after it gets wet.


Text them the link to Grif Grips and tell them they can put on a fun patch to keep their band aid on longer. Much safer and designed just to help the band aid stay on after an injection.They can actually order it with a hole in the middle so it can air properly.


Fingers :crossed_fingers:…lol


Congrats, now please do send everyone you know never ending texts about how to manage post-vaccination.


I am a little pisssed I didn’t get the unicorn bandaid. What’s this world coming to…lol


Since some people are still trying to get their vaccine, I think we should make the sticker a little more “In your face!”



My husband’s hilarious vaccine text chain to me:

him: got the shot! yay! they’re making me sit and wait around for a bit, ugh.


him: (sends selfie)

him: (15 minutes later) (sends another selfie, but of himself bleeding from the head and face, bruised by his eye…) uhh, I passed out and fell off the chair and hit the table and floor and woke up to the nurses saying that the ambulance was on the way…

(he declined medical treatment and was super embarrassed – he gets the vasovagal reaction, but usually just with blood draws, not shots. Next shot he will get fully reclined and will spend his 15 min wait time also reclined! He did not even receive a sticker.)


OMG, @JessicaD, that is horrible! I’m glad he is alright but man, I didn’t realize that could happen!


He is seriously a tough cookie and was joking with me by the time he sent the second selfie. I would have been sobbing, but he is able to see the humor in most everything!


@JessicaD , sorry to hear about that! :open_mouth:

Hope he’s okay!