Omnipod with the Samsung Galaxy Z fold series

I recently filled my Rx for my first round of Omnipods. Super excited for them, HOWEVER, I just found out that my phone is not supported. I have the Zfold 3 from Samsung. It does not “support” the Dexcom app either, however, I was able to find some modified version online that has worked great work around on my phone. Does anyone know if there is anything similar out there? I understand that I would use it at my own risk and all that. I hate having spent over a thousand dollars for these only to find out it will not work! And I was so excited to go tubeless!!!

I have the fold4 and feel your pain.
Omnipod doesn’t work at all.
Tandem doesn’t let you bolus from it, but it does at least run the t:connect app.

I would be interested in a work around, as I hated having to carry the PDM (basically a second phone when my first phone is already a large phone! )
I am keeping my omnipods as my backup for now, I just got a new tandem X2 pump through the VA. But I like to have options!

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My feelings exactly!

Loop is a pretty good workaround, I think.