Omnipod on iphone

From e-mail,


Know I just posted this, went to Insulet site and found this

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But at least it’s done.


I hope that this true. Unfortunately they told me the same thing July last year!

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We can hope, but this came from insulet site. It is actually a lot of information on this page. Guess I will post link to page, but have to go find again I found but this is all on iPhone compatabiladty, but is The future of Omnipod® | Omnipod , not link, sorry am on iPhone, found page on iPad, and working on my MacBook Pro at same time.


Wow! Thx for posting! I haven’t seen this yet or have received that email. It’s certainly more info on the app then I’ve seen in the last year. I was pretty sure it was delayed forever.

I’m hoping that a few of us on FU will be trying it out and sharing our experience with it when released. I’m also looking forward to my purse feeling a tad bit lighter without the bulky controller!


Two parts of the announcement trouble me:

  1. They submitted the 510k, doesn’t that mean the FDA still has to review the data and approve, which can take months?
  2. They’re offering it for sale? Meaning they’re going to charge separately for it? Did Android folks pay separately for their app?

I won’t be trying the O5 anyway, but it sounds like they’re promising something to get people off their back. Hasn’t it been about 18 months since O5 came out and they’ve still only promising an iPhone app? And if they’re going to sell the app vice include access with the pods, aren’t they just looking for a secondary income stream? How will it be charged for, one time or annual “subscription?” And what’s the cost?

I hope I’m overly suspicious, but I’m wary of big pharma and PBM practices of egregious costs for insulin and other drugs and medical costs to people that have to have their products to live.

Good morning, I spoke with my contact at omnipod and was told that that statement about it being sold was included by the PR person who wrote it, that they expect it to be free on the App Store, and that it has provisional approval awaiting final approval, but weather or not there’s any truth that remains to be seen, that development is complete is great though, unles of course FDA wants changes. For good, bad or indifference i said they should have said it has positive outcomes with cold and it would be approved already.


@TomH, for people who Loop like us, the longer it takes, the better!

I want the Dash to stay on the market as long as possible. Once the O5 is more mainstream - meaning it works with both Android and iPhone - the sooner the Dash will get phased out.

Just like the older pods (the first ones to be looped) are going end-of-life at the end of 2023. It’s a good thing Dash is loopable. Otherwise we would be in trouble!

Same as the G7. The longer it takes them to get approved for O5 and Tandem, the longer I can continue to use the G6 with my Loop build.
(I know G7 can be looped, but I have not integrated it into my build yet. So I want it to take as long as possible for the G7 approval, so I have more time to prepare my stuff.)

It’s funny how we all want some things to get approved sooner, and other things we don’t want to get approved sooner. And it just depends on what you are using. For people using the native Tandem, they want the G7 approval quicker. But I don’t. :man_shrugging:

I guess my point is - it depends on what you are doing, and what you want approved!

Because diabetes is life-long, I have always had the perspective of - if something works well for me, I want to ride it as long as I can. I don’t want to have to change stuff every few years. I like the option of having a change, but I don’t like when it is forced upon me.

And seriously, once the Dash pods are discontinued, we are screwed. I will not use that O5 mess.

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Okay, have seen a lot of comment on the 501k, so instead of explaining, here is pick from the fda web site explaining it.

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Want to say i saw where it was submitted on the 25th of April. But will attempt to verify that tonite. Got to go cut grass

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To anyone interested here is link to above posted screenshot.

@T1john Thanks for the info, it eases my concern for those on O5 w/iPhones! Sorry I sounded alarmist, my suspicious side sometimes wins out… Hopefully your friend/contact is on target, perhaps the PR side and leadership should discuss and clear the confusion.

PS: I just came in from cutting grass!

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@Eric All your points are on target as usual. My take is I think Insulet has over estimated the market for O5 based on the number of people it’s not working well for, plus the connection issues between it and G7. I’m hopeful that’s the case so Dash pods have an extended life for our Looping lives! I don’t wish ill for them or those needing/wanting/accepting of the black box approach. But it doesn’t hold a lot of draw; I haven’t tried it and it admittedly could be great for me, but I’ve enjoyed success with Dash, G6, Loop, though I’m looking at iAPS. Anyway, best of luck to all those needing or wanting iPhone control of O5! Hopefully it’s soon and cost free!