Omnipod for basal, Kwikpen for bolus?


Looks like you have a work around that works well for you. I may be one of those who would fill a pod with U200 insulin :slight_smile: but you need to work inside of your own risk tollerance.

In case you have not heard, Omnipod is introducing U200 and U500 versions of the PDM after the new Omnipod PDM rollout. That may help simplify things a bit.

Taken from: http://investor.insulet.com/static-files/9509ce55-216f-45ea-b721-a479c8b9c7d2


Just discovering this thread somehow :slight_smile:

We have been doing more or less that for about a year, using Novolog in both Omnipod and pen. I am writing “more or less” because we do make small boluses and corrections on the pod, but all large boluses we do with a pen. It works better for us than Pod only, and preserves the Pod tank.


Same here. Now, if I see a weird BG trend after a meal, I can be 99% certain it’s because of a bolus miscalculation, and not a site or pod issue. And I don’t get leaks anymore.