Omnipod Dash Phone Model for Case

My daughter wants to get a phone case for her Omnipod Dash PDM. Sugar Medical only has a couple color choices and she likes neither.

Anyone know the base phone model being used for the PDM? Amazon sells all sorts of phone cases. If I can figure out which phone model it is, it opens up the options considerably.

I read it’s similar to the Samsung Galaxy S5. Appears to be slightly different. Is the Dash truly a unique model/mold/shape, or is it just a repurposed Samsung model?

Thank you.

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You can power it off, pull the back cover off (it is a click on), pull the battery (replaceable). It is a “nuu mobile” model A1, FCC ID 2ADINNUUA1. It also quotes an “IC” code of 20782-NUUA1, whatever that is. It’s a dual SIM phone with GSM and WCMDA capability, but I don’t think that helps because a given phone model is typically produced with many SIM/band combinations.

You will get a PDM error after you do this; there’s apparently no backup for the clock, and this procedure reveals various bugs in the Dash app, including the well known one of preventing bolus calculations when the time has to be reset.

From the description on gsmarena while the PDM dimensions are about 121x64x10 the S5’s are 142 x 72.5 x 8.1.

Anyway, the Samsung is designed (and built?) in South Korea, the Nuu is designed and built in China (mainland, not Taiwan). The Nuu US website does not seem to have any cases for the A1.

Thank you jbowler