Problem with my OmniPod Dash Pods

Hi! I’m wondering if any other Omnipod dash users is having issues with their Dash Pods and the static around?
I recently changed from the old PDM to the PDM Dash System, I’m using my first month supply and I have had to call to Omnipod technical support three time already because my pod stopped working with no reason. They told me that the error in the system says it is an static problem (there is a lot of static in the place I am so the pod can’t handle the amount and stop working), but I have been at home the three times it have happened to me.
I’m very disappointed with this issue because the amount of static in one place is very hard to control, specially in cold weathers, so this issue makes this new version very unreliable, since the pod can stop working suddenly with no reason and when you are working away from home, putting you in a threatening situation.
Could any body help me with this issue or give some advice about how can I deal with this situation? Or should I go back to the old system instead? I really don’t like the way that Insulet Corp is handling this problem since they don’t look to be too interested in solve it. I really don’t like the way they treated me over the phone the last time I called them since they didn’t sound too helpful and made it look more like it is my option to go back to the old system than be worry about the inconvenient of this matter and find a solution.
Thank you in advance!


I just got a Dash, in Canada.

I hate it. The “app” is very buggy. It give 3 days, 36 no grace period of 8 hours. The device is old stock Android phones.


The device feels flimsy. I am afraid to break the glass so I leave it home.

The benefits? Bluetooth and its lighter to carry but still need to carry 2 cellphone like devices.

The phone, pdm is stripped of everything so it really does nothing more than the original for $6300.

Told new software coming in late 2022.

I am boxing it and putting it away, using my old pdm until than or returning it.

I wish Canada had more tubeless options.