Omnipod at 0?

How low can you go on insulin in the Omnipod before it stops delivering insulin? IT currently says Samson has 0.65 units left. We’re changing it out right now but I was’t sure if the 0.65 is actually usable or not? I know with the Medtronic, it felt like the last 2 units in the reservoir didn’t really get delivered…

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I wondered this, too. I have noticed that when the reservoir gets low, under 10U for me, I seem to get insulin resistant. This made me wonder whether I’m actually getting any of the insulin during the low reservoir. Now I try to keep ample insulin in the pod before it is switched.


With the Medtronic 640G I can go below 0 U without any problems.

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I’ve emptied ours before. It worked (or seemed to work) all the way up to nothing else in the reservoir.

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The amount of insulin they say is in the pod is not accurate. It is merely an estimate based on plunger position and then subtracting the amount that has been used.

The last little bit can be used. It will alarm when it is empty. And in general, there is about 4-5 units more in the pod than what is shown. But I wouldn’t want to chance it when it gets down that low as far as when it is going to run out.

An easy demonstration you can do is to take the pod off and bolus out the last little bit and see the insulin coming out, even after it gets down that low.