Omnipod 5 Makes Dexcom Receiver Unnecessary?

My 13-yo son just got the Omnipod 5 after using the Dash. He does not yet have a smartphone, so we had been using the Omnipod PDM with the Dexcom G6 receiver. But from what I gather, it seems like Dexcom receiver is no longer necessary? He gets his CGM readings on the Omnipod 5 PDM and we’ve shut the Dexcom receiver off.

My wife and I still have the Dexcom apps on our iPhones, so we get his readings when he’s at home.

My question is whether i am missing something and perhaps the Dexcom receiver is still needed for some reason.

This may be irrelevant soon, as we’ll probably get him an Android phone, and he can use the Dexcom app and the Omnipod app on one device. At that point, would he even need the Omnipod 5 PDM?

Hi Tim. Welcome to FUD.

Actually for an even more specific clarification, on the OmniPod 5 system, you can say that the Dexcom receiver can’t be used.

The O5 communicates with the Dexcom sensor using the same communications slot that the receiver normally uses.

So they cannot both be used at the same time.

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