OmniPod 5 app error that came up on the OmniPod controller

Has anyone found a website that will list all of the OmniPod 5 reference errors? The reference error of 05-50022-02151-002 came up today (I’m using the OP 5 and Dexcom 6). Rebooted the OP 5 controller and everything seemed to start working again. The error message wanted you to call in, which we have not done yet. But I was looking for a chart/list of the error messages and what they are referencing and have not been able to find one. Does anyone know if one exists and if so where it can be found?

First read Omnipod Alarm Explanations

Then look at the bigger list of codes at Fault event codes · openaps/openomni Wiki · GitHub
(which was also mentioned in that thread.)


I’ve gotten quite a few of these and restarting the controller has seemed to always take care of it so I haven’t bothered to pursue it further