Nutmeg and "Dr" Mercola

I see so many “miracle” drugs offered to “cure” or “treat” diabetes that I don’t even get angry about it – although I find those who “offer” those drugs for consideration totally despicable for the deaths that result from their disgusting practices.

It is not often, though, that some of these “miracle” drugs can easily kill you themselves – without waiting for diabetes to do it on its own if you don’t treat it properly.

Today I accidentally ran into an old post by this charlatan, “Dr” Mercola, who makes so much money from the “healthy, natural” products that he endorses, about nutmeg for diabetes:

It really riled me. Nutmeg is a drug whole lethal dose is very close to its effective dose. Have a look at this article from The Atlantic, which compares the lethality of common drugs to their effective dose:

The article quotes: "The most toxic recreational drugs, such as GHB (gamma-hydroxybutyrate) and heroin, have a lethal dose less than 10 times their typical effective dose. "

Well, as you see on the table that accompanies the article, nutmeg kills at a lethal dose that is only 7x its effective dose.

If the world was driven by an ethical engine, charlatans like Mercola would be in jail instead of raking money.