Carbs in Nyquil

I have a miserable cough and cold. I will not do without my old standby Nyquil Cough formula.

It has no acetaminophen, so it clears the Dexcom concern. But it’s almost pure sugar. In fact, I looked it up so I can bolus for it.

Nyquil has 19g carbs ( all sugar) per dose. I briefly looked at Diabetes Tussin, but quickly put it down because it doesn’t contain the necessary ingredient: alcohol.

I don’t get sick too often, but when I do I take Nyquil. Be well my friends.


Feel better @docslotnick! 19g per tbsp? Wow…

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@TiaG Per 30ml, and well worth every gram of carb.

I will start using it for corrections!


Mental picture of Eric deciding he can get a faster Nyquil “correction” via IM…



Have you considered adding a little bit of port to it?

I don’t know about you, but for me, when I am particularly hyped after an exciting evening (I pretty much never drink socially, so it’s all adrenaline), I may well turn to my old Graham 10-year tawny port and take a little sip – puts me down like a babe.

In fact, I hear that this is what they used to do with overexcited infants in the old times :slight_smile: If it works with them, it will work with you!

Benadryl :sleeping:


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Why not take the diabetes tussin and take it with a shot of booze?


Hope you get well soon doc!


Ditto Doc!


Just an FYI, I’m back among the living after my Nyquil induced stupor today. Don’t know if it was the stuff in the Nyquil or the 20 hours of sleep.

Thanks all for the well wishes!


I will have you know that I did have a little sip of tawny last night after reading your thread in your honor. I trust that helped!

Really glad you are back in good shape!

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