Great new cereal I found today!


I saw this at the store today and had to take some pictures!


Look at the nutritional info! Wow, how great is this?!

And at least the company is honest about it.

Now you don’t have to hunt for the marshmallows in your cereal. You can just pour a whole bowl full! Yum!


You’re joking…

Right?? :thinking:


You’re not joking!! It’s from It’sugar! I was just inside that store yesterday!! :rofl::rofl:

We were at a rest stop, and my 5 year old kept calling and crying that he missed me, so I went into this store to see if there was some kind of treat I could get him. I left with a bag of Dinglebear-ys and a Unicorn Pooper. True story. The guy tried to upsell me some candy cigarettes… which I haven’t seen in about 30 years???

Oh, that’s funny. :grin:


Ok, I don’t eat low carb at all, but that is slightly frightening. :scream:


I have a display box full of candy cigarettes in my office for the really tough days.


Why not just name it Diabetes in a box. I cannot imagine the amount of insulin I would need. :nauseated_face: