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Thought this pretty interesting. Just got medical card due to early stage glocuma. Let me say i dont drink or do drugs, except prescription,
Eye doctor offered i have been torn but this article has me thinking about trying. https://www.diabetesdaily.com/learn-about-diabetes/cbd-oil-and-diabetes-what-you-need-to-know/


The negative stigmas associated with cannabis are overblown imo. Do what you feel you need to STAY HEALTHY - cannabis or not! Cannabis has been proven to help with many medical issues and if it helps, then it should be used imo.

I haven’t tried any cannabis products for anything diabetes-related, but CBD at night seems to help take the edge off pain for me enough to help with sleep. I’m skeptical of the many many things it is claimed to help though—seems like it supposedly fixes everything.


As we all should be until proper studies show effects. I am by no means an expert on marijuana research, but I think it has been shown to have very valid uses for pain and nausea.

CBD oil, I don’t think has been studied, but since it is legal in almost every state, what is the harm in trying and seeing if it works. It doesn’t have much THC, so there is no high with CBD. Seems like it is worth trying, it probably helps with some of the 100’s of things it is supposed to cure.


And unlike some would have you believe, Marajuana is NOT a “segway” drug…you won’t get addicted to it if you try it. If that were true, I’d be a junkie under a bridge today. :wink:


The placebo effect is notoriously strong - I’m sure that has something to do with it! Here is a great podcast from NPR about it (the placebo effect; not CBD) - transcript available on the left hand side if you prefer that.


Absolutely. It’s why people need to do placebo-controlled RCTs of CBD. It’s also I think just people trying to profit off of CBD and recognizing how many folks out there have medical conditions and problems not well addressed by medicine who are eager for a potential answer and willing to spend $$ to try to find it.

I’d love to do my own single case study of CBD on myself (dose multiple times, only some of which are actually CBD, and have only my partner know which are active), but as of yet, the methods of ingestion I’ve tried are so noticeable (the flavor is very hard to mask) that I’m not sure how I’d effectively do it.


It isn’t, and it doesn’t cause physical dependency like some illicit drugs, although for people who use MJ (not just CBD) a lot (like every day, up to several times a day), it can be extremely hard to stop and cause aversive rebound psychological symptoms for up to a month following stopping, which ends up functioning a whole lot like addiction whether or not it’s labeled as such. Also there’s some preliminary evidence that while probably not bad for adults unless in excess, even small amounts of it may not be good for developing (i.e. adolescent) brains. Still probably way less risky on the whole than alcohol or nicotine though!

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I tried CBD (oil) a couple of months ago in an effort to alleviate sleep issues that have plagued me for years (typically was getting 3-5 hours of sleep per night).

I went the medical marijuana route as Oils/Consumables are not as legalized as the herbs (in Canada). The results weren’t noteworthy. Effectively no effect whatsoever on sleep patterns.

Keep in mind the product I ordered was Myrcene heavy, and I may have benefited from trying something different.

If you’re interested in CBD’s, it helps to know your terpenes

Marijuana Terpenes Guide


Looks really helpful. Here are a few:



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My husband finds that CBD oil helps relieve chest pain from exertion.

—seems like it supposedly fixes everything.

Yep, this is where my skepticism comes in. I mean, a “cat whisperer” even came to our house and recommended giving our cat CBD oil for peeing in the house!! i KNOW there are no clinical trials on that, LOL.

However, there are a handful of studies showing demonstrated benefit for a handful of rare things, like severe epilepsy syndromes in kids. Personally I would only use it for things that have actually been studied.

There are issues with marijuana use beyond physical dependency. There’s evidence it can trigger psychotic episodes for some people, and can trigger the onset of schizophrenia for others. Usually for people who start taking it as a teen. I know a handful of people who have had that happen.

I live in a legal recreational marijuana state. I don’t think pot is as benign and miraculous as people make it out to be. I don’t think it should be illegal but also it should not be a go-to drug used to treat every conceivable ailment.


I completely agree @TiaG . THC users can easily become addicted to using it, and in many people this can trigger schizophrenia (especially younger people)

CBD’s with negligible THC have no psychotropic effects


It’s not really known whether there’s a causal link between marijuana use and risk for psychosis/schizophrenia. There is anecdotal evidence and some research suggesting people with the diagnosis are more likely to have used mj prior to diagnosis; however, it may well be that people who are more prone to schizophrenia also are more likely to use mj, versus a causal effect, and anecdotal evidence is always subject to heuristic biases. That said, there’s some compelling evidence that mj affects aspects of brain development in adolescents/young adults (think under 25), especially in frontal regions necessary for executive functioning, so it’s possible that for people already at risk for mental health problems, it might exacerbate things. It’s probably not great for anyone’s cognitive functioning to use it at that age.

But yes, this is not referring to CBD only—most of the findings are specific to THC.

While it’s true, there’s been no randomized clinical trials, there have been a few population-wide studies showing correlations between increased pot usage and increased schizophrenia.

There’s this one from Europe:

There are more but my guess is we’ll really start to answer questions on causality as we see pot usage go up in states with recreational marijuana use, and we can then compare schizophrenia incidence rates in states with and without legal marijuana.

Oh nevermind, I misread that. Yes it does suggest the possibility that it may exacerbate risk.

My guess is that it’s still not going to take someone not at all at risk and give them schizophrenia, but people with a family history of severe mental illness probably should be especially careful.

Would like to say, I am not talking about my use, don’t smoke and don’t want to. CBD has no ar almost no thc, don’t get high from it. I like the findings of this study.

"One study, which reviewed data from 4,657 patients over a 5-year period, determined a “significant link between the regular use of marijuana and better blood sugar control,” and also noted that consistent cannabis users displayed:

  • A 16% reduction in fasting insulin levels
  • A 17% decrease in insulin resistance levels
  • Increased levels of HDL-C
  • Smaller overall waist circumference (an implication of reduced instances of obesity)

“Researchers concluded that a ‘significant link’ exists between the regular use of cannabis and better blood sugar levels.” Although more studies are recommended to prove causation."
From above linked article.

@cardamom, guess I am good, have major depression disorder, but I am not family​:grin::grin:

I would argue the people in these studies were already predisposed to schizophrenia and marijuana had zero to do with it. :slight_smile: Anecdotal evidence isn’t evidence imo. This study couldn’t connect any dots. They might as well have said “The contribution of cannabis use to variation in the incidence of Broken Heart Syndrome.”