NS Client App Problem

I’m having issues with the NS client app. I keep getting a notification that no profile is set. I’m not trying to use APS, I just want to use it as an android app version of the nightscout webpage. Attaching screenshots of the issue. Any ideas?

I’m using an older version of AndroidAPS so I’mnot certain things have not changed… Under Config Builder, check NS Profile. Once selected, you should see a new tab in AndroidAPS, showing NS Profile. There, you can select the profile that should be used, such as Default.

I’m not using android aps, I just want to use nsclient as a dedicated nightscout android app.

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Yes, that is what I use AndroidAPS for, too. I used the Config Builder to setup the NS Profile, and use AndroidAPS in open loop. I am already using DIY Loop on iOS, so all pump and BG data gets sent to NS. Hwr. AndroidAPS has a great, detailed Overview page where i can see all data for 24 hours, plus historical data.