Not bad for per diem diet

A day without afrezza is like a day without sunshine


Did you just not eat anything? :wink: That line looks awesome! I’ve actually gotten to a place with Novolog where I almost prefer using it all the time, with Afrezza for corrections or when I’m starving and don’t want to wait for my 30 minute pre-bolus. I know I just need to do more experimenting with Afrezza, though.

ETA - I’ve got to ask, how do you time your Afrezza doses? That’s what keeps getting me.


I just sit and marvel at the flatlines that you and @Eric and a few others have. Your bottom line…is that at 50 or 60??


It’s at 60, which is the lowest Dexcom allows. I only set it that low bc the Dexcom reads consisfently lower than the finger poke-- so when Dexcom says 60 I’m actually far more often like 70-80

@Pianoplayer7008 I ate lunch and dinner and skipped breakfast. Lunch was low carb with novolog, dinner was a big sandwich and an apple with afrezza only.

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Do you ever have problems with your food outlasting Afrezza? I always start rising at about 1.5-2hrs and so usually dose Novolog at 1 hr to head that off. I’ve not been able to use Afrezza only yet without a delayed spike.

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Oh yeah, that happens frequently… it really is only one-and done with simple carb meals that don’t contain a lot of fat… like a bowl of cereal for example… try it with a simple carb meal


I’ve been planning to try cereal with it. I miss cereal. I guess my problem is even with my simple carb meals, I tend to have a lot of fat (and often protein) that contributes to the slowed rise later.

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Yeah that’s really noticeable with afrezza because it’s completely wearing off when those slower spiking elements are just gaining traction… so it’s not uncommon at all to have to have some kind of secondary plan if there’s a lot of fat and protein… try it with some simple carb foods for one and done performance

The other variable you can experiment with is the timing of your single dose… in some cases I wait as long as 45 minutes after eating to take the initial dose with slower digesting meals… I burned through a TON of test strips when first learning, I bought all my own test strips with cash so I didn’t have to debate it with a doctor or insurance how many I needed and used an index card to keep track of every single meal— sometime I’d burn up 6 test strips on a single meal to really get a good study of what was going on at first


Me, too!! :yum: