No-carb or low-carb Eggs in a Chicken Hole when you are high

A few weeks ago we had a thread about what to cook when you are high and can’t eat carbs. Recently, my son experimented with a new recipe that achieves this goal and has been quite savory—at least for him.

The original idea comes from one we used to make before he was diagnosed, egg in a hole:

(we don’t use bacon grease but EV olive oil).

His adaptation is:

  • cut a thick slice of roast chicken, from the breast area

  • make a hole in it, big enough for an egg yolk

  • fry the roast chicken slice in olive oil for a couple of minutes

  • sprinkle grated parmesan cheese into the hole and cook it until it becomes hard

  • break an egg in the hole

  • add salt, black pepper, cayenne

  • cover the pan with a lid

  • let the combination cook until the white of the egg is hardened but the yoke is still fully runny

  • slide the final product into a plate and eat.

If you are really hungry, make two! It works great if you are too high to eat carbs.

If you are able to add 3 low GI carbs, add two ounces of steamed broccoli on the side, sprinkled with salt and olive oil. We find that broccoli has a very limited effect on our BG.


Brilliant! The Parmesan is a nice touch.

As for the broccoli, YES! I often roast it for lunch, till it’s crispy and blackened along the edges, and eat it just on its own. Barely a rise in BG.

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