Nightwatch and Android Wear 2.0

With the recent release of Android 2.0, I was a bit nervous to update. Nightwatch has been working great so far and was a little hesitant to try it out. Depending on the watch, OTA updates are being rolled out at different times. Me being me, I forced the update early by upairing my watch and essentially giving it a data reset. Doing so actually initiated the update. So how does it work? In short, awesome. Awesome in that Nightwatch still works wonderfully. But also awesome in that I now enjoy the cool new features. I use the first generation Huawei smartwatch, and love it. When I’m at work and notice or get a subtle vibration on my wrist that my son’s BG is going down, I like to be assured that my wife is aware. With literally 1 button click and 2 taps, I can now send a canned message via IFTTT to ask if she has the impending low covered and to please respond. Very useful when you are in a meeting or if your hands are full.


@Bradford, can you describe your full tool chain with Nightscout/ Nightwatch? I have been wanting to try but other projects ( :slight_smile: ) have taken precedence…

How reliable has IFTTT been? And what about your Huawei watch – do you get every measurement through?

I use the smallest iPhone (SE) as the uploader. I keep it in his pocket when he’s mobile - - or just on the counter at home. I was toying with the idea of using xdrip+, but saw many people within intermittent success. We currently get %100 capture. I created a nightscout site with azure, but only use it at night on the TV.
IFTTT used to be unreliable in the early days, but I haven’t had any issues with it now. I actually use IFTTT for many things. You can set in tandem with nightscout to run custom commands including auto messaging when bg is a certain level, or even change the color of a light bulb. If you have Amazon echo or Google home, you can log carbs or get the current BG with your voice. I have the watch, so unnecessary for me.

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You also run an android app on your Android phone to communicate with your watch, correct?

Amazing[quote=“Bradford, post:3, topic:878”]
IFTTT used to be unreliable in the early days, but I haven’t had any issues with it now.
This is really great. A bit less than a year ago I was looking at this and hearing about 85% capture (which I thought was really good already).

Yes, I download the Nightwatch app to my android phone and it is automatically installed onto my watch.