Loopers: Phone data or not? iWatch? JoJo beeps to Dev? HELP!

Trying to save some money and frustrations. Need some advice.

Right now I’m using Mint Mobile for my iphone SE and tmobile only towers are HORRIBLE here. Any other cheap providers around $10/month to investigate? Some have suggested Google Fi? Any opinions?

Also, what would I be missing if I didn’t do any data and just occasionally connected to Wifi at work and at night when home? I know it wouldn’t feed my tab for nightscout in real time nor feed my Huwawei watch, but I could just look at the phone when needed and the data would catch up on wifi and back fill, no? What else would I be missing?

What if I got an iWatch 3 for $199/179 on sale?

lastly: I’m running JoJo Beeps and seems to be running smoothly. I’ve heard of people upgrading to Dev branch and am hesitant because it seems to run just fine. What advantages would I have to go to Dev? Any gotchas to look out for? I really don’t want to open a can of worms and have to troubleshoot a bunch of errors.


The temp basal / IOB bug is fixed in Dev. Also, right now as we speak, Pete is incorporating the Temp Overrides into Dev. So, for us there was no reason NOT to go to Dev. Dev also has a slider for beeps or not (which we have on).

New announcement:

In text:
Cat is out of the bag…Remote Overrides just landed in dev branch. Pete has made this feature slick and quick. We (the Disimone house) have been testing it for a couple weeks now and I think all the bugs have been worked out from what I can tell. Love it!

And this feature merging was the final push that I was waiting for to kill off JoJo branches…so that’s announcement 2 for the day. JoJo is gone…except for the real pile of fur that it was named for, my dog. She’s still alive and here.

Dev has: remote overrides and overrides (in improved form over jojo branch’s version), IOB fix for podders, automatic uploading of your settings to NS profile, beeps option in POD settings area, updated watch bolus confirmation (and auto to 100% of recommended bolus), and many new improvements too. Like hiding your API secret in Loop settings now that you’ll be using that for remote overrides. And stale BG data (over 15 min old) will be a displayed as a dash to help you see when that’s the problem. I am excited to say that I think it’s time to update to dev, in my opinion. If you’ve been sitting on jojo waiting for remote-overrides, that’s done. If you’ve been sitting on omnipod-testing because you were worried about the effort or bugs, things are pretty good shape right now and you’ll get overrides (shout out to Michael Pangburn for that life changing work)!

Along with dev updates today…I’ve made some new Loop shortcuts to go along. These are the bomb. I was not a shortcut user before, but this effort has totally changed my view of them. If IFTTT was out of your technical reach, shortcuts is not. It’s a download and press play basically.

One shortcut is a comprehensive Loop companion (troubleshooting tips, links, quick texting, manual BG entry, youtube videos link, and remote overrides control), and the two others are pared down subsets of the first if you just want to save one button press. You’ll need to update to iOS 13 to use them. And I’m working on a short video to help explain them in more depth, but suffice to say they are SUPER useful. I’m a convert to the shortcut way of life now. And, awesome even if you don’t use remote-overrides as an adult looper.

So to take advantage of all this new stuff, you will need to:

  1. Update computer/iphone…Xcode 11.1 and iOS 13

  2. Update Loop to dev (there’s a page for that…https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/build/updating/)

  3. To use remote override feature, you’ll also need to create an APN key and update NS (there’s a page for that too…https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/nightscout/remote-overrides/ )

  4. Shortcuts links are on same page as the one just mentioned above.

  5. Check out the Overrides page to learn more about them if you haven’t used them yet…(https://loopkit.github.io/loopdocs/operation/loop-settings/overrides/)

I am working on updating a few more parts of the Loopdocs (like the branches FAQs), but I need some coffee and I was not expecting this merge this morning so I’m a little slow. :wink:

ask away on this post, but fb may not even tell me it exists. Apparently I’m still not on any notifications list still. I’ll try to come back and answer any questions periodically today.


Sounds awesome! Dev here I come!

Thanks for copying/pasting. At work I have access to most everything and read fu here, but don’t have access to FB.

What about my data questions? Anyone? Convince me why I should or shouldn’t give up my Huwawei watch and go to an iwatch 3?

Dont know about the data but we purchased series 3 apple watches and they work great.

I’m very tempted. I saw the 3 on sale the other day for $179. Isn’t the 3 water proof?

Water and dust resistant. I don’t get mine near the water personally. :stuck_out_tongue:

I have an Apple Watch Series 4, and I swim with it in the pool and ocean. The manual says if it gets wet with salty or chlorine-y water, just rinse it with regular water when you’re done swimming.

The Apple Watch Series 3, 4, and 5 are a classified as ISO 22810:2010 water resistant up to 50 meters which means anything but scuba diving.

If you buy one and it breaks due to getting wet, I’m pretty sure that means Apple would have to fix it or replace it, at least while it’s under warranty. (You can buy an extended warranty from Apple if you want.)

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Glad to hear it!

Some more/clarification questions:
If I keep my current setup as is but drop data and get an iWatch 3:

  • Without data, will I get realtime numbers on my watch from the iphone with no data at all?
  • Wil nightscout / clarity / tidepool catch up when in wifi range? How long can it be out of range and not catch up?
  • what else would I loose by not having cell data ?
  • I’ve seen the 3 as low as 179 on sale. Anyone know of any upcoming deals? What about black Friday? (need to save up if I do this).
  • The Huwawei watch pulls data from Xdrip+ and shows a nice graph, #s and trending. What does the iWatch show? Not at all familiar with it.
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Apple typically has modest deals for Black Friday so if you’re going to wait a while, you might as well wait until then. According to the internet, they gave a $50 Apple gift card when you bought an Apple Watch (at full price) last year. Also, last year, I think the cheapest watch was a lot more than $200.

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I assume it is connected to the uploader phone for Looping…As we are doing also. Quick question, do you think there is any benefit to getting an Apple Watch with LTE capability for Looping? We are looking to upgrade from series 1 to 3 (or 4) and thinking about if cellular connectivity would actually provide any usefulness. Let me know if you have any thoughts about that.

We don’t have loop on Liam’s watch because he’s too young for that right now. He mainly uses his watch for keeping tabs on his BGs (via NSApple). Eventually, he’ll get loop on it. We use it as clone of the phone for the most part. We went with the series 3’s because they were like 200 cheaper, per watch. We didn’t need that much watch.

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Thanks for the repost on the Loop Dev upgrade from Katie!!:slight_smile:


Updated to Loop Dev and so far so good. The remote overrides are awesome!


I use the overrides from home while Liam is in school, in coordination with his nurse. I love it.