Newest T:slim and G5

I recently got the newest T:Slim (finally!) and tried to connect it to my dexcom G5 transmitter. However, it won’t accept the code that’s on the back of the transmitter that you have to enter into the pump for the devices to sync. Does anyone know if the new t:slim just doesn’t connect with the G5 or do I have to wait until my transmitter has served it’s three months?

The Tslim will definitely connect with the G5, but you do have to do some training and upgrade the pump. Have you had a G5 connected to your pump in the past? Or is this the first time you have tried to do this?

Secondarily, if you can get your hands on the G6, the new feature Basal-IQ is really nice.


It does make a difference whether or not the Basal-IQ algorithm is loaded into the X2 pump. If unsure, Tandem Technical Support (24x7) can easily answer that for you. Note that this is not relevant as to whether you choose to activate and use the Basal-IQ algorithm or not. The question is merely whether or not the pump has the Basal-IQ algorithm already loaded.

If the Basal-IQ algorithm is not loaded (IMHO not the more likely possibility) then the X2 will connect to the G5 but will not connect to the G6.

If the Basal-IQ algorithm is loaded (IMHO the more likely possibility) then the X2 will not connect to the G5 but will connect to the G6.

Should you call Tandem Technical Support and they give you information contrary to what is above then I would very much appreciate if you could relay their information.

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I haven’t ever connected the G5 with the pump. I got the pump last week and have been struggling since.

You should probably call Tandem, I think you need to upgrade your base pump software to accept the G5 integration.

@Chris., I am fairly confident that all the new tslim is being shipped currently all have basil IQ pre-loaded, and therefore need the Dexcom G6 not the G5

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Yes, she may need to get them to roll back her software to the G5 so that integration works. Should be possible, I am guessing.

@Chris. It software, so anything is possible