New phone isn't pairing with Apple Watch

I finally broke down and traded my 7+ in for a 13 Pro and my Apple watch isn’t pairing successfully to it. I keep getting to the point where it tries to “sign in to my account” then it either times out or comes up with a calendar issue message. Tried pairing it as existing and new and no luck. Anyone have issues with pairing that may have some advice?



Is the watch still paired with your old phone? That might cause a problem.

It’s easy to fix if you still have your old phone, you can unpair it and then pair it with the new phone.

If you don’t still have the old phone, you might need to reset the watch.

No, I unpaired it from the old one before shipping it off. :frowning:

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Don’t have experience with the iPhone 13, but dislike the oft “just reset it” because every time I’ve done this with something (comp, phone, tv) it’s involved re-loading and setting up everything (who remembers all that stuff…though it is a good way of finding what’s important to you…right up to the point of “Oh, I’ll just open…CRAP!”)! Reluctant to say, perhaps a call to Apple help? Yeah, the time on hold sucks, but I believe they have a “call back when its your turn” setup.

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I ended up doing the factory reset on it and now it’s connected OK. Thanks!