Need dexcom apk

I need an android apk for a Galaxy s4 phone. It’s a really old phone but I can’t get a new one right now. Every apk package gives me a “parcel package error”. If anyone can help or just send me a link that would be awesome!! Thx. It’s for the G6 sorry.

Not on Android or Galaxy, but you may want to look on Craigs List or other second hand site for a phone that works with your needs. They are often greatly better prices. But if you go this route, ensure you do the product/money exchange at a safe place and ensure the phone is fully functional.

Are you familiar with xDrip?

This is alternative app (not from app store) for dexcom. Search this site for more details and how to install. Works on all android phones.

You could also look on Reddit for a version with the Play store restrictions that have been removed. There are a few credible versions around in addition to custom builds.

I have used this reddit option before.
But now with Tandem X2 pump, and T:Connect as primary display. Still use xDrip too, for better alert options, and stats.

But if getting data to dexcom servers for follow, clarity, etc, then the build app is best.

Or this

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@MM2 has all the links. The build your own has been around for a few years and the other has been around for even longer in one iteration or another.

You are all awesome. I really appreciate all the feedback. I tried the build your own app. I have an android 4. It’s so old they are going to shut it down in December. I really thank all of you soooo much for your assistance. Love y’all. DG