My omicron Journey

I’m a Type 1 diabetic who also has high blood pressure and high cholesterol. My most recent A1C in January was a 5.4 . All my other labs came back good as well.

A few days ago I started feeling under the weather. Extra tired. Sinus pressure. Post nasal drip and a runny nose. Sensitivity to light. Seemed like either a sinus infection or a cold to me, so I started treating it symptomatically with things like Tylenol, Mucinex and real Sudafed.

Well, last night i wasn’t feeling well, and I remember that we received our 4 COVID19 home tests from Uncle Joe a few days ago and asked a trusted friend from one of the boards if I should test as every time in the past I’ve felt similar I came back negative. At her suggestion, I did and I’m glad I did!

The test is supposed to come back with results within 15 minutes. It didn’t take even 5 minutes for mine to come back positive! My wife was hacking and coughing as well, so I tested her as well, and she too turned up positive.

So today we went to the urgent care for a rapid PCR test which confirmed that we had it. We had to ask, but they did confirm that they are still doing monoclonal antibodies! My wife had hers this afternoon and I’m scheduled for tomorrow.

Moral of the story - if you think you might have it, it doesn’t hurt to test! Don’t just blow it off as a cold or sinus infection!


Gosh, those symptoms are sort of what I had about a month ago. But I don’t know if I had covid. We had long lines to get tested and a drive up testing site but you had to spend hours in the car. I was never that sick and my back can’t handle either of those situations well.

I have allergies all the time, so I don’t know if it was covid or my allergies still. My nose was a little runny but you get that with allergies. But different was my nose felt tender with major sinus pressure but not congested. Like right after you start recovering from a cold. I was coughing more, but then again sometimes I cough more with my allergies. But major fatigue and my back was killing me. I have some natural stuff anti viral stuff I started taking and started to feel better after a few days. The fatigue feeling lasted a few weeks plus though but slowly got better.I have been fine for about a week now,

I kept wondering if it was covid. I remembered my sister in law when she got covid she thought it was just allergies but her husband had gotten covid so she got tested and she did have it. But my husband never had any symptoms. So still not sure!

Thanks for this, very interesting!


Keep us posted on how you’re doing.


Sorry you’re going thru this! Hope it passes without any further issues. Your symptoms sound very familiar. Back in early January, I had the sore throat, sinus drip, cough, chills & aches (one day only). I did like you, did a test at home, confirmed by another at the doc’s office (not PCR). Symptoms passed, except for the cough and drip, with in a week. The cough is still with me, though considerably less; doc said the cough can stick around, though dropping off a bit each day, for up to several months (confirmed by friend of mine with same issues). Hopefully your and your wife’s cases follow a similar trend of mild cases that resolve more quickly!


At this point, according to our data scientists, more than 99% of all Covid cases in US are Omicron.


Today is Sunday evening 2/6/2022 as I write this. I slept about 6 hours last night thanks to Nyquil. Watched church virtually. I had my monoclonal antibodies infusion today at 12:45 and was home by 3pm. It was really easy and uneventful. Took a nap after having a salad with chicken noodle soup and crackers. Food wise I have no loss of apatite. Sugar wise I’ve noticed a slight uptick in levels and need for insulin, but nothing I can’t handle. I’m sitting at 103 right now. What is hard about this one is that I still feel like I have a cold. Lots of drainage, mucus, sneezing, stuffy head, sinus pressure, and occasional cough from post nasal drip. I also have no energy. Wife is going through the same thing.

From what I can have read, omicron seems to go through you quicker and isn’t as hard symptom wise as the previous variants. I’m hoping I will be better by the end of the week as I’m supposed to user for a Christian concert on Thursday and have a men’s Bible Study on Friday. Will have to play all of that by ear.

I’ll write again if there is any changes or anything or if anyone has any questions. Prayers appreciated.


I met with my doc virtually today and was told that I’m not to go anywhere for 5 days MINIMUM and that in order to break quarentine, I should be symptom free for 24 hours without any meds. He then said I need a mask for a further 5 days. So my new goal is to perhaps make it to church this Sunday, but may not even make that.

Fortunately i work from home exclusively, so I was able to do that at least starting today. I’m a AAA dispatcher and take calls coming in and going out.


Glad to hear you are on the mend, and I hope you are symptom free soon.


I did an entire 10 hour shift as a AAA dispatch from home yesterday and it went better than expected for day 3 of COVID19. It was mentally exhausting, but my voice held up and I didn’t cough too much. I’m doing another 10 hour shift today then off tomorrow and half day on Friday. THinking about making friday a full day but we’ll see.

Meds wise I finally got a Precision Xtra meter at my cost $30 on amazon since the insurance won’t pay for the meter but they WILL pay for the Keytone Test strips. Normally they are $1 each so I got 90 for free! Not bad.

I also got my endo to write me a script for 2 GVOKE pens and showed my wife the video on how to use them. Never needed them in the past, but nice to have just in case.

I changed out my Dexcom today. Sometimes it goes wonky toward the end of the 10 day wear, so that may have explained some of the weird highs. Unsure.

Energy wise, I’m still tired and could use a nap, but I’ll rest tomorrow.

What’s weird is that this entire time it has felt like a common cold or sinus infection. No loss of taste/smell or anything.

I’m so glad this is has been mild. I think a lot had to do with gettting those monoclonal antibodies within 72 hours of diagnosis, so I can’t recommend those highly enough.


As the sensor starts to fail (1 in 20 sensors fail before 10 days) the transmitter takes corrective action but that involves either a drop-out, where there are no readings for a while, or, more commonly, a history-rewrite where earlier readings are changed to accord with the later analysis. The history-rewrite is characterized by a sudden rapid change of bg followed by a jump back to the original level, the transmitter takes about 15 minutes to sort it out at the end of the sensor life (perhaps much longer at the start).

So on day 9 if I start seeing history rewrites I’m on alert that I may need to change the sensor early; as I said only 19 out of 20 sensors last 10 days according to Dexcom.

I said all that because I think it is important for any Dexcom user, however WRT COVID and highs, that’s expected. I suspect it isn’t significant for T1s; we are used to dealing with those swings, but I wouldn’t be surprised if all non-T1s infected with COVID showed significant BG swings.


We have ongoing dexcom discussions here - those who use the technology (like me) love it but there are many types of issues with G6 - the ones that are beginning to worry me most are the startup issues - it always takes two hours of course to start up, and even then as we’ve all noted there are times when it takes the tech another 4 or 5 hours or longer to give accurate readings, and when it’s going wonky it is showing BGs for me of 50 or 60.

I hope that the G7 is more reliable and has a shorter startup period.

But I’ve never had problems at the end of the 10 days, so that’s a new one for me. Interesting that Dexcom says it’s about a 5% incidence. Thanks.


Hopefully the engineers listened. I think we are all hoping both of those are true. Will be nice not to have to keep track of the transmitters though.


From what I read, it has a 30 min vs 2 hour warm up period. The MARD is also higher than the G6 meaning it is slightly more accurate. I believe if I remember right they also got it approved for arm use so you don’t have to keep using abdomen.

I hope they integrate it with LOOP because I won’t switch until they do. I love loop that much!


And as an update, I’m doing much, much better. Only symptoms left are still a bit of fatigue and still some residual phlem. Other than that, I’m back to work and now out in public.

I cannot say again how much I really loved that we got the monoclonal antibodies. I believe that made it more tolerable and shortened the duration as well similar to taking tamaflu when you get the flu.


I am glad you were in a position to get the monoclonal antibodies. Good stuff. And thanks for the update.