Medtronic - no delivery error during priming

My pump (mdt - 754 VEO) is giving me “no delivery” error during priming (just changed insulin and reservoir). Not sure what else to try to fix this other than straightening the wire (it’s new as well).
Please help :frowning: going back to MDI for a day for now


Sorry your pump is not working, we haven’t crossed that road yet with my son’s Tandem. I am assuming you have tried the general stuff, i.e. replaced with a new set and reservoir and it still isn’t working. Have you called Medtronic?

Welcome to FUD, thanks for posting!


Definitely call Medtronics. They can walk you through steps and may send you replacements.

It sounds like pressure built up or blockage in tubing.



I’m using an older but very similar Medtronic pump (522). It has much the same firmware and also gives me the occasional “No Delivery” error.

Last night was the most recent No Delivery, and it irks me the alarm isn’t louder (malfunctioned for 5 hours before I realized I wasn’t getting basal or correction boluses).

It sounds like pressure built up or blockage in tubing.

As @MM2 mentioned, it’s usually a tubing blockage. Replace the tubing and cannula set and you should be good to go.

Out of curiosity, what type of insulin are you using in your pump? Fiasp and Apidra are both known to cause blockages more often than Novolog or Humalog.