Looking for a new (old) Medtronic pump

Hello! I am new here and hope this is the right location to post a question like this.

I am looking for a second hand Medtronic 722 / 715 in order to continue looping. My current pump seems like it’s about to kick the bucket.

I have been searching on Craigslist / searchtempest for weeks with no luck. Does anyone have any suggestions on where else I can look?

I am really at a loss.

Thanks so much.


In a pinch, switch to the Omnipod EROS or Omnipod Dash, which are loopable and currently available. It’s a big change from the tubed pump, but it does work. The only tip I have is don’t give more than 5u at once, because in my experience that causes tunneling and loss of insulin, unlike my experience with quicksets and the 722.

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Try contacting this website.
They accept older pumps that can loop, and may be able to help you locate one.

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Thanks for the tip. I will look into the Omnipods as a Plan B or carryover until I get a medtronic. What is tunneling of insulin? Sorry, just unsure what the means. Thanks!

Thanks I will reach out to them.

Tunneling of insulin is when some of the insulin leaks out around the cannula rather than staying injected in the subcutaneous tissue. For me, the cannula of an Omnipod doesn’t seal as tightly to the skin as does the cannula of a Quickset, so I’m likely to lose some of the dose if I ask the Omnipod to give me more than 5u in a single bolus. As a work-around, when using the pod I set the bolus limit in loop to 5u so that when a larger meal bolus is needed, only 5u is given to start, and the rest of the dosing is automatically added in smaller portions over several following loop cycles.

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Oh I see. Thanks for the explanation. I use quick sets and I dont think I’ve run into that issue. The only issue I run into sometimes is when I do site changes. There seems to be a period of time where its as if I dont get insulin. I’ve wondered if its because, depending on the new location of the site, the insulin needs to “build up” in the tissue before it starts taking effect.

This usually happens for thigh sites, but almost never an issue in the abdomen.

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Try the Facebook group “Looping in a time of covid”. Pumps show up once in a while. Looping in a time of covid | Facebook