Medicare and Dexcom

I just got a call from Dexcom letting me know that they were discontinuing directly selling to Medicare insureds. I was assigned to an outfit called USMed.

Anybody else get the same info from Dexcom, and does anyone have info on USMed?

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That sounds like it could be a bummer.

It could be that Dexcom is not willing to accept the low Medicare allowables and the rigid standards for shipping at precise times of your month (ship/bill a day early and Medicare won’t pay). Also the supplier needs permission from the patient before they can ship, but not before a specific time of the month blah blah. I use CCS Medical. They have it down pretty well and it’s easy to confirm my shipment( they text me and I use their website either on my computer or iPhone) on the 24th of the month for shipment on the 6th … not a day earlier! It’s all governed by Medicare regs. CCS seems to be a champ at following the rules. Just saying…


Thanks for that update. I placed my order for my monthly Dexcom order this past Monday (June 8) through Dexcom but it still shows as “processing” so who knows whether this will ship or not.

Thanks for the update … one more hassle to add, I fear.


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I got the same message when I applied for a Dex last October. They also “assigned” me to a medical supplier. I believe that Medicare rules and regs are so intricate and time consuming that Dexcom decided to let the medical suppliers, who already deal with all kinds of insurance when providing supplies, do it instead. Seems like a valid business reason to me.

Anyway, I had already been dealing with CCS for the Tandem supplies that Medicare pays for me so I asked CCS to provide me with the Dexcom as well as g6 supplies. All from the one source works for me. And they have been doing a good job except for this last shipment. I think the fault was in the shuffling of work and it being done mostly from home. This has been a problem with many companies and will probably continue until normality sets in, if it ever does.

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