Medic Alert Info on Phone?

Does anyone use a D-related medic alert image wallpaper on their phone just in case? I realize that I-phone and Android phones have emergency info screens that First Responders can access, but what about the general public? Does any use a wallpaper that indicates they are a PWD?


We have the emergency info screen programmed, but never thought of a wallpaper. That’s a great idea!

I have never tried accessing the info screen after programming it, though, so I am now planning to play around with both tomorrow. What a great thought, @elver!

@elver Where in my Android phone would I find this? I’ve never come across it.

@docslotnick Go to Settings (the little gear)> Users>Emergency Information. Be aware that anyone is actually able to access this info from the lock screen in an emergency if they know where to go


I’m using Android Nougat, and have been using Androids since Honeycomb, and have never come across an emergency information setting. The only thing I’ve been able to find is on the lock screen, but I’ve never used a lock screen.

I’m just going to make a screen in Tasker to display emergency info and have a button to display it on my home screen.

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The emergency info screen is standard on iPhones, and with Android 7.x.x
and up

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I have a MedicAlert wallpaper on the lock screen of my phone. The MedicAlert website created it for me, but now I can’t seem to find a link on their website to generate a new one.


That is actually something I would be very interested in for my phone…

I, also, scoured their web site for that wallpaper. No go: it looks like it is not offered anymore.

I tried to call them directly but hung up after being on hold for 15 minutes.

At one time we investigated specific diabetic wallpapers. We found these (they are not customizable, and do not include specific provider contact info):

In the end, we decided not to go for it. It looked a little too obnoxious, I guess. My son already has a D bracelet, a D pendant, and diabetes zip-pulls for his diabetes gear sling bag. Enough is enough.

He does have his emergency ID set up in his iPhone.

@Michel, Thank you for trying. Guess I will have to make something on my

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Am I missing what people are looking for? Medic Alert wallpaper for their phone?

Just create a document with the info you want, paste an image in the document if you want it to look fancy, and either take a picture of it or email it to your phone, and make that your background image.

Or is there something else you guys are trying for?

Nope, that’s it. The fact that MedicAlert had a tool for it was just a time-saver.

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What do you want it to say?

PM me if you want. It’s about 2 minutes of effort ( a little bit more if you want to have both Tommy Tutone and Def Leppard song references)


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