Making your Dexcom G5/G6 transmitters last longer without using xDrip+

You don’t need a paid account to do this…free account will work just fine.

But for the not “technically inclined”…you can get Spike app and it has the same reset command built in for iPhone users. So you can just use the spike app to reset and then go back to using dexcom app as usual. You’d have to unpair the transmitter from the phone in order for the transmitter to connect with each app, but not a huge deal. Just unpair from phone before using Spike, restart phone, pair in Spike, reset the transmitter, unpair from phone again, restart phone, pair in dexcom app.


@kdisimone, I had no idea, that is outstanding.

Right. Sorry, I did not repeat the whole question. my bad. The issue was for someone who does not have a Mac: can they develop the reset app one time (at the library for instance), then use the reset app later without having to go back to the Mac? The problem is the 7-day app lifetime, which requires that you go back to the Mac before the next reset.

But you solved that question with your Spike app tip.

Hello everyone. I am new here. Having trouble getting the transmitter reset to work. Really appreciate the terrific instructions that Katie DiSimone wrote!
Here are the steps I am taking:

  1. End the sensor session on the T:slim x2 pump and Dexcom app
  2. Forget the Dexcom transmitter in iPhone Bluetooth
  3. Delete the Dexcom app
  4. Turn the Bluetooth off and on
  5. Shut down and restart the iphone
  6. Open the Restart app
  7. Hit the Restart button
  8. After 10-13 minutes receive and accept the pairing request and
  9. Almost immediately get this error message:
    Error during reset transmitter:timeout
    Followed very quickly by this error
    Error during reset transmitter: unknownCharacteristic

I just let it continue until it shuts down the Reset App takes about 6 minutes
Anyone have an idea what I’m doing wrong?
I’ve done this several times over the past week.

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Are you using G5 or G6, and what is first 2 digits of your transmitter ? Dexcom has made many changes in past year that impact ability to extend/restart/reset.

Thank you for asking…I should have put that in my request for help.
I am using the G6. The first 2 digits are 81.

Here is similar post, but may have used reset within spike instead of reset app. May help.

Thanks, I’ll give Spike another try when my current session ends.
My transmitter will expire in 12 days or so. I’m guessing I won’t get it reset before then. Does anyone know if you can reset it after it expires?

The transmitter has to be dead…as in, no longer working at all. If it still has life and you could start up a new session with it then the reset transmitter app won’t work. It has to be dead first. Did you ensure it was truly dead?

Oh, I did not know that. I thought it needed to be restarted before it reached the expiration day. Are you saying the battery must have reached the 112 day shut off that Dexcom programs in before it can be restarted? The videos and write-ups all say you cannot be in an active sensor session but I’ve never read that the battery had to have expired.

Yes. It has to be expired. I’ll try to find it when i get home

I took this to mean you need to wait until the 112th day. In my mind why would you want to do it earlier if it’s still got life. The only time I could see is if there was only a few days remaining after sensor changeout and you don’t want to mess up a sensor site…but you can pop transmitters out, reset them, re-seat them, and still be good to go after the warm-up.

Note: I waited until the 112th (or later) date to do my reset and it worked without a problem.

OK. Good to know. Thank you @ClaudnDaye. I was hoping to reset it to 0 before I left the country on Tuesday. But can probably do it after it expires.
Has anyone had success resetting a transmitter before it expires?

You can follow the simpler and more traditional session restart instructions which were initially used for the 80xxxx and continue to work for the 81xxxx. The new and more complex restart procedures are not required until you begin using the 8Gxxxx transmitter.

I think I did G6 80xx transmitter reset via xDrip, prior to day 112, and worked fine. My current transmitter is 81xx, and will also try reset prior to 112 to confirm.

With xDrip only, I did not really need to reset. But was also using G6 receiver.

I thought the 8Gxxxx ones could not be reset. That is from this August 1, 2018 webpage:

That says with regard to the Firefly 8Gxxxx:
“These transmitters cannot currently be reset.“

Is that no longer true?

Thank you for this information @Thomas. I’m not sure what the traditional instructions are. Is that the Restart App or Spike-App or something else?

If I understand correctly, I cannot use drip as I have only the iPhone and the Tandem T:slim pump.
I think I will try to reset the transmitter again when my current session ends.
I will delete all the downloads for Xcode and the Reset Transmitter code and the Reset App and the Dexcom App and start fresh. I actually have my sisters old iPhone at my Mexico house so maybe I’ll do it on that phone to eliminate any prior iPhone stuff. Maybe that will work. What do you think?

Session restart or Transmitter reset ?
80xxxx & 81xxxx or 8Gxxxx ?

Not common, but this is what worked for me to reset transmitter days for G6, 80xx transmitter. I bought a cheap android phone, that I don’t get phone service for. I loaded xDrip on that. (I have a small cell non-smart phone for calls/texts).
Using cheap android phone with xdrip, I was able to do reset transmitter. (But also play cool games on it with wifi service!)

I have only done this on 80xx transmitter so far.

I try to use term reset days for transmitter, and restart sensor to keep things straight.

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81xxxx Transmitter Reset with iPhone.