Lower carb baking



Right - definitely didn’t mean to imply honey was low carb! But a baked good made with almond flour would still likely be lower carb than one made with wheat flour, even if sweetened with honey or sugar, and would be more natural than one sweetened with artificial stuff.


Ah yes, definitely!


@kpanda01, I use agave syrup or honey in all of my baked goods that need sweetener. It does raise the carb content, but with almond flour, it usually still only ends up being somewhere around 8-12g carbs/muffin or scone, which is so much better than the 30-40g carb premade GF ones out there!

@Nickyghaleb, LOL! I wish I lived closer to my mom to be able to take advantage of free food (or really, food I didn’t have to cook myself)! :laughing:


How do you determine how much? It seems artificial sweeteners usually require such a comparatively small amount!


Second time this morning that you have made me laugh out loud. Just cracked me up completely! Luckily I am at home, and not in public because that would be even weirder. But The Dog does keep looking at me askance.

This is a good point, however I have found a number of recipes in the “Paleo” category that will use small amounts of maple syrup or honey, and they just crank out a much less sweet baked good. They seem to be easier from the carb perspective. I suppose YDMV though. :slight_smile:

I really like Danielle Walker’s blog Against All Grain and her cookbooks. But I’ve just checked and none have nutrition information. But the recipes are tasty. :smile:


My method is completely non-scientific…but I experiment. :slightly_smiling_face: For the scones, I knew that for blueberry muffins, I used something like 3T of agave (I think?), so I just started with that and adjusted accordingly. It also has to do with personal taste preference…the banana muffin recipe varies in sweetness depending on how ripe your bananas are, so sometimes (like this morning, when I was using barely overripe bananas), I’ll add a little honey or agave.


Yes - We make almond flour cookies sweetened with sugar with 3 chocolate chips on top. I think they are about 3g a carb a piece which is pretty good. I do not have the recipe on hand.


I’ve used a few programs to calculate my recipes. The one I use most often has a bit of a learning curve, but I found it works well, now that I more familiar with it (I’ve used it for over three years). It’s call AccuChef.


I’ll have to give this a try some day; I like myfitnesspal, but didn’t realize they had a recipe calculator!

Thanks! I’m still learning how to use almond flour; I’ve had a few successes and several failures! LOL

Yes! We love Swerve (brand name for the erythritol we purchase). Agreed, it is pricey, but it makes a huge difference. The other day I made pumpkin pies and, using AccuChef, calculated the carb count to be 30 per slice, with regular sugar; using Swerve a slice was 11. I will say this, the taste was exactly the same. There was however one glitch, that did go away. The top of the pies had a thin white crust, looking like frost, as it cooled … but it went away as soon as I covered them with plastic wrap, which was about three hours after they came out of the oven. Most of the carbs was from the pie crust; I cheated and didn’t make my own, but the carb values are about the same. I do want to try my hand using almond flour to make a pastry crust, of sorts. That will save on carbs even more.

I find that cooling effect (a slight mint) with my liquid sweetener, Stevia, for ice tea. I notice no difference in taste/flavor with Swerve than with regular sugar.

It measures one-to-one with regular sugar. The pumpkin pies I just made was the Libby’s recipe, with pure pack pumpkin, makes two pies … four eggs, two cans of evaporated milk,… and one and one-half cup sugar. I just used one and one-half cup of granular Swerve. Perfect.


I think I will try 1:1 next time. According to what I read about erythritol, it is supposed to be 70% The sweetness of sugar, or 1.3 to 1. I did that on my muffins, but I might just try one:1 next round. I did like the taste though


That might be true for erythritol, itself. I just looked at the back of my bags of Swerve and it says, “Measures like sugar.”

I was a happy girl the day our local grocery store carried Swerve. I had been purchasing it online. First it was just granular Swerve, then I learned about the confectioner Swerve. Then my day was made complete when Swerve brown sugar appear on the grocery stores shelf! Happy days. :slight_smile:


My all-time favorite, reliable, but frequently quite a bit of work gluten free baking website is Bojon Gourmet. While you would have to run the nutrition facts on your own, many of the deserts are not overly sweet which is quite nice. And I’m assuming with some, you could sub in your sugar alternatives. I’m not sure how low carb they are, but the crust situation is going to be lower carb than store-bought I would assume - because they aren’t very sweet. :slightly_smiling_face:

There are a number of crust options presented there if you do some digging, and I’ve made the following a number of times with great success. Using either oat or chestnut flour, and it turns out amazing.

Truthfully, having made a number of recipes from this website over the years, they generally turn out amazing. She has a couple gluten-free cornbread’s which are really tasty, and I’ve made a number of fancy desserts. And really, I could just look at the pictures. :slight_smile:


You guys have me sold. Adding this to the grocery list and am ready to do some baking!


Thank you! I’m looking forward to trying some of the recipes!

LOL I hear ya!

@kpanda01 If they don’t have it in your grocery store, you can get it online.


Let me know how it turns out.

As I mentioned I have used both swerve and just plain erythritol and like plain erythritol better, but your taste may vary :slight_smile: I would still recommend swerve though.

I will need to try this out!

I have used “Sukrin Gold- Brown Sugar Substitute” in the past and it is really good. My mom baked my favorite cookies with plain brown sugar and then with Sukrin Gold and I could not tell the difference.


Wonderful! I hope it works/tastes as good as the Sukrin Gold brand. Soon I’ll find myself baking some chocolate chip cookies with granular and brown sugar Swerve!