Low BG snack biscuits

I thought @ClaudnDaye might be interested in these. You had mentioned that sometimes Liam needs a snack before bed. I recommended the Extend Bars before as a slow release carb, but you said Liam did not like them.

These Belvita bars are also the same kind of idea. They have a few grams of quick sugar and then some grams of slower release carbs. Different flavors, so maybe there is one Liam might like. (I would avoid the cranberry-orange :smiley:) I think the rest of them are pretty good. I eat them often at night when it feels like I will drop later.


I sent you a variety pack. Should be there Saturday. I don’t think the variety pack includes either the chocolate or the coconut flavors, you have to get them separately. I’d suggest either tossing the cranberry-orange, or eating them yourself. Pick one he might like to start with. The rest of them taste pretty good to me.


The chocolate ones go fast in my house.


These are pretty good, I sometimes eat the cinnamon brown sugar ones as a “running out the door” breakfast. You can get a big ol box of those ones at my local Costco :grin:


Thanks Eric! Always looking for more options…you know how kids are. They’re “in” to a food one day and the next food it’s yucky and they don’t want to have anything to do with it. So we’re always looking for more options. We’ll give these a go!