Looping - First Endo Appointment After 3 Months

I started Looping on July 3rd. It’s a new technology and mindset that’s different than what I’m used to (X Code, Github, Zulip were foreign to me 3 months ago). But I’ve always liked a good challenge.

So far, I like it. Sometimes, after reviewing Nightscout data, I would stop and think “I could be doing better with this new fangled stuff”. So I read more, made small adjustments and checked to see how the changes impacted BG trends.

I shouldn’t have been surprised that I walked into my Endo appointment last week with some trepidation (ok, more than I expected or want to admit). Not only was it the first appointment after starting to Loop but it was also the first one with a new Endo after moving from Chicago to Dallas in April of this year.

I relaxed when the Dr shared my A1C. It was a full 1.0 lower than my last A1C 8 months ago and the lowest since diagnosis 4 years ago! That’s the motivation I needed to stay focused on the bigger picture for me … progress not perfection.



Nothing wrong with progress! Perfection, we can leave to those with self control. Glad your looping has helped you! Who cares what the MD thinks.


Congrats! That’s really awesome!

:heavy_plus_sign: :100:


Thanks. I was more anxious about my A1C for myself, not so much about what the Dr thought.

Bonus - turns out the Doc and her CDE were both great. They asked questions about Looping from a position of wanting to understand more about the technology. All my RX’s were quickly refilled, including Afrezza, and I got some Fiasp samples too!

Found a good a team!


Great news on all counts!! I’m really happy for you!

So happy you found a good endo team. That’s a major victory in and of itself!


That is indeed awesome! I was in the same boat. So glad to hear that MDs are starting to come around about looping.

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