LOOP release v2.2 and bolusing

One feature I liked in LOOP was the streamlined bolus entry. If I wanted 2u of insulin, I could just tap the bolus button, tap the number 2, and tap the deliver button. The FaceID check prevented butt-dialing an accidental bolus, so all was good.

With the new released version 2.2 there was a change. No numeric keypad shows in the bolus screen, either after pressing the bolus button, or after entering carbs.

The shortcut is that you tap on the recommended amount to auto-fill that number without having to type it all out. (I didn’t know about this shortcut until someone told me recently.)

But if you want a different amount you need to tap in the bolus field to make the keypad appear. I didn’t like that extra step, and wanted the keypad to show up automatically whenever the bolus screen does. It turns out this is not a difficult customization. In bolusViewController.swift there is a function called viewDidAppear().

There’s some code for bolusAmountTextField.accessibilityHint =
that goes on for a few lines, then around line 65 there is an isolated close brace } that ends the viewDidAppear() function. Open a couple blank lines before that brace, i.e., at the end but still inside the viewDidAppear(), and write the line


Eric Jensen on the Zulip LOOP help site pointed me in the direction of this solution.

By the way, on a small iPhone or on a full-size iPhone configured to use large text, the bolus keypad lays over the top of the Deliver button, hiding it. (It’s a minor issue that was reported months ago.) Someday they may add a small Deliver button in the upper right of the screen to match the Cancel or < Carb Entry button that’s in the upper left. For now, the workaround is to scroll upwards in the top portion of the screen to drag the Deliver button up into view. I’m mildly ashamed to say that took me about a half-hour to figure out when I first tried to enter a bolus in v2.2 and couldn’t see how to actually deliver the insulin after getting this far: