Loop and absorption issues: how to use a pen with Loop?

I inject large boluses to deal with peaks (puberty), often more than 10U at a time, but my TDD is less than 60. I have found that, for me, I respond much better to pen injections for large boluses than pump. I think it has to do with absorption.

I am starting Loop right now. I have not figured out how I can report pen injections while using Loop. I am sure I am not the only one with absorption issues. How do you use pen injections while looping?

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I believe (although not certain) that you can enter a bolus via Apple Health which results in the iob showing in loop without the pod actually doing the bolus. Then you just MDI the bolus of 10u. Check that out and see if its as I say.

Update: Yes, the method I outlined is the way to do it. Tested and read in the FB Looped group as verification. It does take a few minutes; however, for the manual entry to show up, so give it some time.


Step 1: Open Apple Health
Step 2: Click on the Insulin Delivery button (below)

Step 3: At the top right, click ‘Add Data’ (below)

Step 4: Enter Insulin Amount (below)
Step 5: Select whether the external insulin delivery is a Bolus or Basal entry (below)

Step 6: Click save or add or w/e the final step is (I didn’t get a screenshot of that).

Step 7: Wait 10 or 15 min and check to be sure it was entered and you can see it in the loop app in the Insulin area.

You have to enter it manually into NS if you want to record it there. Entering it into Apple Health doesn’t enter it into NS. You should also check out the “Shortcuts” - I put together a list of all the shortcuts that were available at the time and very useful for Loop.

Here’s the post about them and the pointer to the doc.


@ClaudnDaye thank you!!! I’ve never done this as usually we only use pens when things have gone so off the rails that the IOB is irrelevant, but I’m glad I know how!


What I have done at times in the past is use a syringe or a different (non-Looped) pod for meals.

The Looped pod did not know anything about meals or meal boluses or correction boluses. There was no IOB that it knew about, it just managed basal strictly based on BG.

It worked pretty well like that. Better actually. It did not freak out about IOB. “Oh no! Insulin! :open_mouth:

I bolused if I ate or if I was high. And that bolus did its job better without Loop freaking out and cutting basal.

The other nice thing was that there was no entering of carbs or any extra mess like that. I don’t do the carb stuff, like counting and all of that. So it made it very easy.


Thank you very much!

I can’t get into my FB account (haven’t been there more than once) so it will take me a while to get back in. But I asked my dad to log in so I can see it.

You mean iOS shortcuts, right?

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I guess. The app called shortcuts.


I hear FB is mostly an “old persons” site/app these days. :smiley: Young people are on Instagram, TicTak, Twitter and all those other apps I do have accounts for but hardly ever use. lol

But you may want to use FB more often because it’s the only site I’m aware of that the FB “Looped” group exists to provide help with Loop.


For people, such as myself, who do not like FB, the best (and official) Loop support option is the Loop Zulip chat forum, which is also used for discussions about experimental features, bugs and such. The quality of answers tends to be better on Zulip. It’s slightly more difficult to navigate through Zulip “Streams” and “Topics”, but the search feature is pretty good, and Zulip itself is an open-source project, so there are no ads or gross privacy concerns. On the other hand, there aren’t as many people on Zulip as on FB Looped group, so one may need to wait a bit longer for any answers or follow-up comments.


This is the area for “development talk” - recommending branch changes, etc., You are right. But for common folk looking for common answers to common problem, FB is the best (and official) option. That and the Loopdocs site. I use them all, but for basic questions (and helping others with their questions) – FB is the most used forum.


Agreed - FB Looped is the best option for the majority of users. But, if one simply does not want to use FB for whatever reason, Zulip is fine - no one is going to complain if you ask a basic or non-technical question.


Thanks a lot @ClaudnDaye: I was able to enter all the info as you suggested. I have not looked into Shortcuts yet because I am spending all that time learning Loop, but I will soon.

Thank you! I will create an account there also.


@ClaudnDaye, I have tried several times to enter an injection in Apple Health. I was able to do it with no problem, but it never displayed in NightScout.


Entering something into Apple Health doesn’t result in that data being populated into NS. The only way that would work is if you created, or used a shortcut to do that based on the trigger of the injection being entered into Apple Health, OR enter the injection manually into NS.


I get it now. I hadn’t understood that part.

I have started playing with Shortcuts. I am not able to get something complicated done through a 3rd party app like Nightscout yet. But I’ll get there if it’s possible.


This is a list of shortcuts for Loop provided by Looped FB and compiled by @ClaudnDaye (I think!).

And here is a comprehensive shortcut by Katie for Loop. I installed it and occasionally use.


Thanks so much: These are great lists.

FYI, @ClaudnDaye, I verified that, if I enter insulin in Health, Loop does take the injection into account, and that I can later enter it with Nightscout. It is perfect.

For instance, today I have 15U left in my pod, and 21 hours to go. I am only using the pod for basal (and I still won’t have enough of course).