Loop question for our loop experts

Attention omniloopers. I have a question.

I currently run an iPhone SE as my loop phone and also cary a Samsung S10+ on AT&T as my primary phone. My plan includes tethering.

Right now I have a MINT SIM in, but Tmobile coverage seems horrible both at work and at home and it keeps dropping signal and thus not updating my watch nor my nighscout tab.

I’m thinking about dropping mint altogether and just turning on my AT&T mobile hotspot feature of the S10+ and using that connection as the phones are always near each other.

  1. Would this work?
  2. Would this be a good idea? Why/why not?
  3. Any way to set the iphone up so that when I get home it automatically switches back to my home wifi?
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so… as long as you have bluetooth connection you can loop with your iphone. For instance, our diabetes camp has no cell reception and wifi and yet many people were looping there. i think you mainly have to use your iphone SE as your primary data collector (no receiver) and it should be fine. Not sure about the status of your Samsung phone as a phone – that’s a separate phone communication issue.

As Tia commented, and as I think you already know, you do not need Internet access on the iPhone running Loop. If I understand your goals correctly, you want to maintain Internet access on the Looping iPhone so that you continue getting near-real-time CGM data on your Android watch and your Nightscout, correct? Your questions are about phone hotspot features, not about anything Loop specific, but let me try

Yes it would.

Your Samsung battery will drain somewhat faster since it will need to run both cell and wifi radios in parallel. Other than that I do not see any issues.

As soon as you terminate hotspot on your Samsung, iPhone will automatically switch to your home wifi. I do not know if there is a way to somehow automate hotspot on/off on Android - my guess is not.

By the way, you already have two phones, correct? Why not just give all this a try?

Thanks for the advice. I think you are right. I just need to try it.

Trying to save money any way I can. I don’t really need the iphone to do anything other than loop, but I need the data to upload to the cloud for nightscout and watch via xdrip to work in near real time, so it needs internet somehow. I don’t need cell service with data per se.

If mint worked, it would be near $15 or so per month but it uses tmobile as the backbone cell provider and tmobile is horrible at both home and work.

I will try it and post how it went. Wish me good luck!