Libre 14-day problems

I’ve had all sorts of problems with this product, from “early dysfunctioning” (requiring me to terminate the sensor after 8-12 days), to vast number differences of nearly 100 between sensor and meters, but this one is new for me and I need help.

I can’t get my new sensor to register on my iPhone but I can get it on the separate, dedicated gadget. I deleted the phone app and tried again and still it doesn’t sync. I really prefer having this sync to my phone, which is one reason why I switched to my newer phone, but absolutely no luck. Suggestions?

UPDATE: I restarted my iPhone and now I can scan again! I’m leaving this post here, at least for now, in case someone else has this same problem.

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Thanks for leaving the post up @Jubilee. Nice to make your acquaintance. Hope to see you around the boards.