Libre (+ Blucon): sudden low readings

Hey everyone :),

so I’ve been using the Libre for over a year now and till about 2 or 3 months ago, it worked amazingly well.
This is when this error started occuring, where all of a sudden the readings drop to “LO” and don’t come up anymore. There’s no obvious trigger for this either, as it happened in a variety of situations at different times of the day. Abbott is not able to help…

Does anyone have an idea how this can happen? Could it be an allergic reaction or something like that? It’s not really itching more than before though. Or is it maybe possible that it has something to do with the Blucon reader? I was thinking that it might cut off the fluids that the sensor measures.

I’m really getting frustrated since I just got my insurance to pay for the Dana pump and wanted to try looping very soon… So any suggestion would be very very welcome :slight_smile:

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How long does the low last, or is that it for the sensor? If so, is Abbott replacing them? I have some ideas, but need more information.

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Hi Chris,

unfortunately the sensors don’t go back usually. Sometimes it works a bit after a while so that I can continue using them with xdrip. As long as I keep calibrating it every 6 hours or so that is… So not really reliable, but better than nothing.

So far Abott has been replacing them. But it happens to almost every sensor after about a week now, so it’s probably only a question of time when they stop replacing them…

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That really sounds like a manufacturing issue. In fact, not knowing exactly how the sensor is adhered to the wire substrate, it sounds like the sensor material is getting affected. Have you had different lot numbers do the same thing?

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I’m not sure about the lot numbers. Unfortunately I don’t remember most of them…and what part of the serial number is the lot number?

The ones I did write down are:

  • 0M0002D0TTM
  • 0M0002F30W4
  • 0M0002F31Y8
  • 0M0003NVTZM

The lot number is the number above the ones you quoted:


If they are all from the same lot, I would think my explanation of manufacturing defect is possible. If they are from different lots, then there is probably a different answer. Has Abbot said anything to you when you ask for replacement?

Ah ok, too bad. I just took screenshots from the Libre-App and the lot number is not in there. I will definitely keep that in mind for the next time it happens.

No, Abbott didn’t really say anything. They just told me that they won’t accept any bloody measurements except the ones from the Libre meter itself from me in the future (which is super stupid…as if it was realistic to have a “LO” measurement for over 24 hours… :roll_eyes:).
Oh, and they asked where I applied the sensor. But that doesn’t really help me either, since it happened both on my arm and thigh.

I guess I’ll have to see what happens with the next couple of sensors and write down the lot numbers for now. Let’s hope it really is a manufacturing defect and the problem will take care of itself :slight_smile:.

Thank you so much for your help, Chris!

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