Libre drops out during critical moments

For some reason, the libre 2 sensor seems to go offline at critical times for me, especially this current sensor. Just now, ate dinner, and spiked to 254 at 7:34 PM. This caused me to jump on the treadmill, which kicked the insulin into gear… But the libre2 chose to go offline. I did an NFC scan at maybe 7:45, which confirmed it wasn’t responding.

I tested my BG at 7:55, which revealed it was 82, so I reached for the sugar. The CGM came back online at 8:05, reading 57 BG, and alarmed.

Why the heck does it do that? That’s really annoying. Anyone else have those issues?

probably a slight placement issue or a blood issue and sounds like a replacement will be your only option…they will usually replace it without too much hassle…i had to send one of them back out of maybe 6 replaced sensors over the 2 or 3 years i used them…with my sensors it usually had to do with placement


They do seem to be sensitive to placement, so I use my tricep area, usually with good success. This sensor has been good otherwise, apart from a few gaps like this. It’s got 3 days left, so I’ll just let it ride.

Hope the libre 3 performs better, I’m using that in about a month.

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Personally, I have had much better luck with the Libre3 (about 2 months experience with it), and you don’t need to scan it - it reads constantly via Bluetooth as long as you aren’t out of range. Libre2 was a bad fit for me, I had all kinds of problems with it, including doa, and needed multiple replacements.

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