Last night as I slept: CGM follow monitoring at night



I had a dream. The dream led me to a cool realization. In my dream, I had a computer set up in my bedroom (much like I have in the basement)…where I could just wake up and glance over to see the sugars instead of reaching for my phone. And I woke up and thought…I know I have an extra computer sitting around (or enough parts to build one sufficient enough to provide the SugarMate data during the night). Maybe I could just bring it up, set it up.

That led me to the realization that I already have a computer in my bedroom. It’s massive and it sits on top of our dresser. It’s our Smart TV.

So…I went to the web, opened up the SugarMate.io web app on our television and vwhala! Now I don’t have to reach for phones when something beeps…I can just glance up at the massive SugarMate.io app open on the TV to see the numbers. This is also better because if Erin or Liam wakes up, they too can just glance at the big TV and either do the treatment or wake me up to do the treatment.

Then, once I set it up, I thought about Simon Cowell…


@ClaudnDaye, this is simply genius!

I am almost sorry it can’t work for us, as our only TV is in the rec room. If something could convince me to put a TV in our bedroom that would be it -)