Just when i thought i saw everything - build your own insulin pump

If i had a death wish i would go for it otherwise i would think twice. I liked this guys site though, interesting stuff.


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Well I wouldn’t have thought of it. Quite interesting, but like you, not sure I would trust my life to it.

With 3D printers, just about anything is possible. Know someone that bought basic 3D printer on ebay, used it to “print” parts to make a bigger better 3D printer!


@Chris, @SFBob, I’m always surprised by what people find to be over the top, but I can understand why. I’ve always managed diabetes in a way that was conservatively high, so most of what others do here on fud is ,ironically, somewhat of a shock to me. Now it may be a flawed perception, but in the last 10 years or so, I see pumping as the most expensive and also highest standard of insulin delivery.
I wouldn’t want to be an early adopter. Let’s just say I’m lukewarm to this idea.