Its in the poop !?

Interesting article regarding detection/assessment of covid in populations.


And in the picture they are showing a stack of product worth more than gold to some people. (not me).

edit - Imagine if South Park did an episode on this. It would be epic!


@Chris…I might refer you back to Season 1 Episode 1 “Cartman gets an anal probe”.

There was also a video game called “South Park: The stick of truth” that had a whole level in the sewer if I recall correctly.

Then again, the memory is fading like the laffs…

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Yes, I am thinking more of the “Spring Virus Poo”

Or maybe the ninja turtles will come to the rescue.

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I don’t remember that episode, but I do remember the Tom Brady one…

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New England fan and luv it!


A couple of towns in my county have contracted with a company that tests waste water, to help them determine what the actual virus load is locally vs confirmed cases via testing. Unsurprisingly, it’s higher.