iPhone 8 battery needs frequent charging with Dexcom app

I had to replace my trusty iPhone 5 when the battery finally died and upgrade to an iPhone 8. I use the Dexcom app (with G5 sendors)and end up charging my phone almost every day. Battery usage shows 85 percent for the Dexcom app. Is this normal? I have turned off location services for most apps and limit background app refresh, too. Any other suggestions for extending battery life? Thanks!

I have an iPhone 7, so slightly different phone, but I’m only at 6% over the past 7 days, so yours sounds like a lot! But I use my phone a LOT so other apps take up the biggest percentage.

If you click the little clock icon on the battery usage (next to where you toggle between 24 hours or 7 days) to switch it to display time instead of percentages, does it say it’s on in the background a ton or anything? Mine’s 1.3 hours on the screen, and 4 hours in the background over the past 7 days. Don’t know what you’d do about it, but any time I suspect an app is a battery hog, I check that first!

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And A light bulb goes on! :bulb::bulb::bulb:

I have been opening the app too much…and nit using the widget!! :scream_cat::smile_cat:

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It’s not supposed to be that way, but I experienced something similar starting with the most recent Dexcom app update (the one that came in July I think). I used to finish the day with the battery around 80% charged, but now the phone may give the low battery warning before the day is done, and the battery report in settings shows that the great majority of the power was used by the Dexcom app.

Dexcom said the excessive battery consumption may be the consequence of a minor software incompatibility, and it may be fixed by the next update of the Dexcom app (perhaps becoming available in early September). The requirement to get FDA approval before releasing a new/bugfix version of the Dex app means they lose compatibility for some months every time iOS is updated. They suggested to turn off auto update on the phone, and only update iOS or the app when Dexcom says the app version is compatible with the new iOS version.