Interview in ASweetLife

Perhaps you have heard of ASweetLife | The Diabetes Magazine.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by one of their writers, Alex O’Meara.

He interviewed me for his article on diluted insulin and here is his column:

My comments are toward the end of the article. Do you guys recognize the picture he used!?! :crazy_face:


So… is 1/5 diluted insulin 1/5 as likely to cause tissue damage where injected? Or is it 5x more likely too?

@Eric Hey MacGyver, nice plug!
But you should have embedded our forum address in the photo.


That’s an awesome idea. lol. Maybe if it’s not too late, you can still provide the pic and ask him to replace it! :smiley:

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I did mention our site and invited him to join us.

I shoulda snuck a secret FUD link in with Pixelknot…

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Yeah, inviting him is nice, but think of all the people who may read that article! If he lets you, I’d definitely see if I could replace that image. :wink:

That was an awesome article, btw! Gratz for the spotlight!

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