Making your own insulin

Hi All, Not that I’m endorsing this, but I read this and found it very informative: There were discussions referencing pharmaceutical benefits managers in our forum. That was when I first learned about the ridiculous convoluted system. The article seems to suggest that the less risky methods are to go to Canada or Mexico to obtain insulin. I guess if we all live in “clusters”, we can plan a trip, and buy in bulk, if that’s permitted. Honestly, the original intent of the discoverers of insulin was to make such an important life saving drug available to all. How in the world did the US business interests stray so far from their stated mission to help people? Perhaps some bad publicity would go a long way to addressing this problem. I’ve actually read on some forums that people are foregoing their insulin or test strips because of the cost!


Yes, we have discussed this in one other thread. The purification and testing of potency are likely to be significant roadblocks, but I do applaud the effort. The insulin mafia is beginning to crack in the US as evidenced by the “generic” insulin one of the companies is now offering which is nothing more than their standard insulin rebranded and priced about half of their list price. Hopefully Congress gets off its butt and creates a legislative solution. Unfortunately, until someone either finds a way to reduce the money sloshing around DC I won’t be holding my breath.