Injection woes for skinny folks

“Diabetics Gone Wild”

Kind of niche, but all great art is. :joy:


@needlesandmath, I was thinking about this some more.

I think you had mentioned red injection sites. I get those, too. My abdomen injections typically get red and raised for a few days. My legs and rear end injections don’t tend to do that as much. If they do, it’s usually a sign that my seasonal allergies are affecting my body in ways that I haven’t noticed. So Claritin D typically helps me…but I don’t know if that would apply to you. I personally have not seen a correlation between red injection sites and poor absorption. It just looks bad.

Another thing for me to constantly manage is my prebolus lead time. Because our school year just started and I’ve got two kids in different schools on different schedules…and one I walk to the bus stop up a hill…and one I drive through traffic to take to school so that’s an hour of sitting…I’m having to refigure my breakfast dosing, injection timing, etc. It’s a little better today than it was the last two days. But this stuff is all such a crap shoot for me that I can think an injection didn’t absorb but for my body it’s also equally likely that the timing just didn’t work out for me. Depending on my hormones and my activity, sometimes I need to heavy dose and prebolus by 45 minutes…other weeks I need to low dose and not prebolus at all. (When I say “prebolus”…I just mean how long I inject my meal injection before I eat…that term is meant for pumping but I’m lazy and still use the term even though I inject.)

I’m not sure if this helps you…but just know that I experience plenty of “What the hell was that?” every single day. But it is at a point when I can generally maintain my sanity and have my personal goalposts that I shoot for that fit my current phase of life.

Please let me know if I need to clarify anything or explain something differently. I’m multi-tasking right now so who knows how well I executed this post…


Not at all. Prebolus is just a bolus beforehand. Doesn’t matter whether you pump it, inject it, or inhale Afrezza.


Where do you wear your pods? My arms work best but I don’t have enough arms. :octopus:

I tried one butt pod. Egads, how does anybody sleep on these things? :flushed: :crazy_face:


I alternate between arms, upper butt and the occasional love handle pod. I favor my arms.

I’m a stomach sleeper so the butt pods don’t bother me much except for making sure I don’t knock them too hard getting in and out of my vehicle.


I use that area, too, but often the pods only make it for two days. I am a side sleeper (unless my cat Leo insists on sleeping on me) and I think the pressure causes the canula to move around.


@T1Allison this is hugely helpful, thanks. I also hold the needle in for a slow 8-10 second count. Don’t know if it matters, but it’s become part of the ritual. I’ve been using the top of my thigh since there’s a little fat there. The side have almost or essentially none. I also have a lot of visible blood vessels, which I’ve nicked on occasion. I will try going straight into the side of my thigh where they’re somewhat less visible.

Tbh, I can see that becoming an ass man may be my future… although in a much different sense than I was before.


Not confusing at all, many thanks for sharing! I completely agree on the variability in lead times. If I don’t run–and I just can’t every day, I need to recover too–I have slower and worse responsiveness all day, and my baseline runs about 10 higher than I like (around 116, where I’d rather sit in the mid 90s). Because I’m an academic, my job is often sedentary, involving desk time to do research and write. It’s not always feasible to build in good breaks to help it kick in faster. Deeply frustrating.

The Claritin D tip is a good one. I had a definite site reaction from Lyumjev–the skin got noticeably puffy. Humalog I just get the spots, which are at most unsightly. I may experiment with allergy meds to see if they help. I don’t have any other significant allergies but I guess a lot of folks experience this.



The FUD Effect takes hold of another one!


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Don’t blame FUD. I think it’s the “Allison Effect”!



This is off-the-wall, to you not the OP as it’s off topic. As a part of the AndroidAPS adventure I’ve been having in frustration I went to OMAD. Because my wife cooks I necessarily went to OMAD at dinner (typically 4PM for us). I did not do this for very long; I was eating 40-50g of carbs a day and getting all the ketosis symptoms like the annoying headaches, however I did do it for a few weeks and for certain the first hours of the day, well up to 4PM, were total flatline.

This was with a closed loop, but it wasn’t doing that much correction; there wasn’t anything to correct. I had run the OpenAPS “autotune” program which works out basals, but it didn’t change much (+/-10% on what I had before).

OMAD doesn’t much work for me; I’m doing TMAD now, about 40g at the start of the day and another 40-50 at the end (4PM). There’s much more variability with that but my ketosis is reduced and few, if any, headaches. Yet, thinking back to when I worked for the man, OMAD makes a whole lot of sense; after all, the headaches would hardly be noticed.

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Funny; I always though an ass was another word for donkey. Like jackass (a male donkey), jenny (a female one). I grew up in England and we clearly had a word for what my adopted Americans refer to as a “butt”. We also referred to people who were obstinate as asses, “Don’t be an ass.” But some, maybe many, englishmen were referred to less politely, “He’s a total ■■■■.”

NOTE: the actual word isn’t the one I typed; that just gets four squares from FUD. If I add “hole” to the end it doesn’t.