I'm Liking My Omnipod 5 So Far

Don’t thank me - thank this forum. I just saw a lot of negative comments about the Omnipod 5, and wanted to share some positives. My Endo made another tweak to my settings last week, and my levels are getting pretty good now. Just remember to be patient and give it a while to get your settings right before you give up and go full manual like some here have. The Omnipod also needs time in Automated mode to learn, even though some here insist it does not. Coming from a pump, you probably already know all of this, but I came from giving myself 6 - 8 injections a day, and believe me - I won’t be going back!


So I just got my first A1c since starting on the Omnipod 5, and it was 6.8. As I feared, that was way up from my previous 6.1, but the tweaks my Endo and I have made to my PDM will hopefully bring the next one back down. The good news is I never get lows anymore (at least not below 80) and after many years of doing so, I’ve stopped carrying a pocketful of Smarties.


For people with reliable real time numbers, anybody who wears a CGM, time in range is is a better metric than A1C. You may never get to 6.1 again because you were driving the number down by sleeping or walking around with low bg a lot of the time. I had same experience when I started Dexcom.

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What tweaks did they do? I’ll be starting on my omnipod when I return from our Thanksgiving trip to fla so trying to be ready when I get back. Excited to not have tubes or something in my pocket.

First, we adjusted my max basal delivery (it was too low, raised to 1U/hr) Then, at the suggestion of my Endo, I revised my insulin duration from 3 hours to 2.5. Last, we changed my carb ratio (I don’t remember the before and after numbers, but it also was too low). I’m pretty sure my duration still is too high, but I’ll wait until I see the Endo to adjust further.

I am getting ready to switch to omnipod from dash before that euros, before that Medtronic.
I have concerns over how it will work for me. I have massive digestive issues, and use temporary nasals like 80% of the time to relative suscess.
But I am going to try for awhile to see if we can figure each other out. My biggest thing is I go high in evening then bottom out around 4am. Through tweaking my preset basal and using temps I can stay reasonably in range. But bolusing for high in evening and I will go low.
So wish me luck.

I like to use Afrezza to correct an evening high, because the Afrezza is pretty much done in an hour and a half, it isn’t hanging around to have an effect later that night. I think it makes a good suppliment to the pod.

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