Ideas for Lower Carb Work Lunches

Ideas for lower carb work lunches are welcome.


Do you buy your lunch at a shop or can you bring it?


What are you looking for? Do you want to do something gradual or radical?

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Searching for “keto” lunch ideas will get you lots of low-carb inspiration!

Here are some of my favorite lunches that happen to be relatively low carb:

  • Veggie and cottage cheese bowl. Use any of your favorite veggies (I like tomatoes, peppers, carrots, and avocado) with cottage cheese and sunflower seeds. Boiled eggs can also add some extra protein. Put whatever seasoning sounds good on top: everything bagel seasoning, salt and pepper, ranch dressing, etc.
  • Low-carb soup leftovers, such as broccoli cheese soup or cauliflower soup.
  • Tuna salad or chicken salad sandwich, minus the bread. Using different seasonings and veggies throughout can really switch things up, like curry or buffalo seasonings. My classic has green onion, pickles, tons of dill, and salad greens. (I’m vegetarian so I make chickpea or white bean salad, but meat is the lower-carb option.)
  • Thai noodle salad. I go super heavy on the veggies, so the proportion of the carb-dense noodles is lower. You could also use zucchini noodles (“zoodles”) instead. I like to add tofu and lots of peanuts for extra protein, but you could also add shredded chicken.
  • Frittata leftovers.

These look yummy and portable!


I use to struggle with this as well. When I would eat out I was unsure/guessing about the carbs and insulin to take. I found a company called Factor that makes a really good keto meal that takes two minutes in the microwave to prepare. Never frozen, clean ingredients. Costs about $15 per meal. Easily packs to work - as long as you have access to a microwave.

I have a recipe for Chicken Patties if you are interested.
mix together:
6oz of chicken (shredded if fresh or canned)
1 large egg
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese
-options to spice it up. Ranch seasoning, or salt, pepper, onion and garlic powder and paprika. I like mine spicy so I add cayenne yum!
Shape into 4 patties and bake for 20 minutes at 400 degrees F. Serve on whole grain bread or as a lettuce wrap.


I eat pretty much the same lunch every day and it’s mostly protein from the night before plus salad. For me, the key to eating well is always having salad ready in the fridge. With that, I add protein (grilled chicken, ground turkey, steak, salmon, tuna, chick peas (not low carb but I always have beans on hand), cheese (feta, cheddar, parmesan crisps, etc), olives, avocado, sunflower seeds or pepitas, dressing.
If I don’t have salad, I eat a cooked veggie with the protein. I always have frozen cauliflower rice or broccoli on hand that I can cook in the bag in a hurry.
All this is to say, the more routine I can make my food, the better. This is partially because of my work schedule and partially because I have struggled with what might be called food addiction and the simpler my food, the better.


I buy and bring, but I can bring.

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I don’t even know. Just something to change my bad habits.

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Sorry :face_with_hand_over_mouth: I stumbled into your thread & I am afraid I am going to make a mess.

:thinking: I tell you what, I never met a carbohydrate I didn’t like…

So… just do the opposite of what I do :smiley:

PS: or maybe try this Carnivore Diet I am soooo bad I have to leave now :pensive:

There is a book written by a friend of mine named Ian Ayres called carrots and sticks, which talks about how you can use incentives to change habits. I believe he also has some kind of a website that implementa some of his ideas for people who want to do things like stop smoking or change their diet. Something you might want to check out!