I won, now what?

My “weekend” changes every 2 weeks. Next week I have Thurs/Friday off but am taking Wednesay off for something I’ve never thought possible.

I put $10 into a contest to benefit the United Way to win one of 2 pairs for center ice tickets to the St. Louis Blues game home opener here at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, MO.


Now I never win anything and when I do, it’s something small.

But these are AWESOME SEATS and worth a lot of money!

My son and I have never been to any hockey games ever so this is a real treat!

Now my question to you is this: They have a policy of only allowing a gallon size clear plastic bag inside and no outside food or drink.

I’ve asked the venue what exceptions are made for diabetics and they couldn’t tell me but instead put me through to someones voicemail who hasn’t called me back yet.

What should I expect? What should I say if I get the person live?

I obviously want to bring my diabetic bag with things like extra pen/needles/wipes etc. and some glucose tabs.

But do you think I can get away with things like:

  • bottle of water?
  • Nuts or other healthy snacks?
  • a small cooler with things like hard boiled eggs? Olives? Cheese?

Do you think I should get a note from my endo?

I know I could get all this inside, but it is way too expensive and I don’t have the money to purchase concession food.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Congrats on the amazing tickets! That will be a great experience. I can’t speak about the Blues security, but my son takes his whole diabetes bag including candy, nuts, food etc. to the Trailblazers regularly. Never had a problem. I wouldn’t think the cooler with snacks will work, but my son’s small man bag with candy and all the diabetes supplies sails through.

edit - removed some unhelpful stuff after I re-read the original message.

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@bpollina when I go see the Sharks play I bring a good bag with essentials, snacks and water. Coolers…no chance. I usually go through the extra screening handicapped line. I also do the same for Giants, As, Mariners, and Seahawks. Never a problem as I make sure to wear bracelets or something to identify as a diabetic. Having a pump and cgm also helps to sell the diabetes handicap. Once identified they don’t even check.


You should have an amazing experience. I can barely watch hockey on TV, but in-person is really fantastic. All the drama and power that is isn’t transmitted well on TV is readily apparent during the game, especially the checking game, and the tactics that are visible only when you pan out a bit.

Congrats on the tickets.

For stuff like this I generally sneak in some small sugar things in my pocket for emergencies, like candy or whatever. And then just buy the rest of what I need once I am inside. They have all kinds of food and things you can get. Once you are inside, just buy what you need.

I wouldn’t put glucose tabs in the ziplock bag. Put them in your pocket. Some jackass at the security checkpoint will say it’s food and then you have to go into a long explanation and go through all the blah blah about diabetes. And it really is not necessary.

Sporting events don’t use millimeter wave scanners or backscatter X-ray scanners like they have at airports. They use simple metal detectors. So put some glucose tablets (or candy) in your pocket and walk through without worries.

For pump stuff, just put it in the ziplock back and pass it through the security checkpoint. You are looping, so it’s just a phone to the security people. And the RileyLink won’t cause them any concerns.

You really don’t need to sneak in a bottle of water. Just buy it inside.

I mean, yes you could probably get away with it if you have a doctor’s note and want to get into a conversation about why you are “allowed” to bring it. But why bother with all of that? Just keep it simple. No reason to have unnecessary talks with the security people.

That’s exciting! Congrats! I hope you enjoy it.

One tip EH has noted about the standard X-ray machines is that if you walk through slowly, very slowly, they don’t pick up as much.

My endo is so awesome! He wrote an note for me and once they saw that, I sailed right through!

I packed a small cooler with:

  • 12 hard boiled eggs (shared with my son)
  • Mozzarella cheese sticks
  • 4 bottles of water (shared)
  • Baby carrots
  • Dollar store dehydrated airy pea snappy things
  • Almonds
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Grapes

We got there around 3pm and left at 10:30ish.

While there, we also had one taco each and a hot dog with bun.

We had a blast.

Around 3:45 they had a rally where the blues players and the Stanley cup walked the blue carpet to a stage. We were abut 3 deep and occasionally people moved to let my son up at the barrier so he got to shake a few hands.

Doors opened around 5:30 and around 6:30 they had a wonderful pregame festival where they presented the Stanley Cup and raised the championship banner.

The game itself was very exciting.Neither my son nor myself had ever been to a Blues game before. Unforunately, we lost, but we still had a great time.


Nothing like seeing hockey in person. Congrats on the win all around.

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