:) I was a Diabadass Today Because I...[fill in the blank]

I hope everyone will share their Diabadass victories on this thread as they happen! :grinning:

This thread was my husband’s idea and I really like it.

I was a Diabadass yesterday because I helped a little T1D girl be included in her class Halloween party by finding out the carb count for the class cookies! :slight_smile:


I’m not quite sure about this because level of success has yet to be evaluated, but I’m a diabadass because I cut off a top of a Glucagon vial and divvied up the contents into 4 separate syringes.

Now I just have to not mix them back into my regular syringes and give myself a glucagon/insulin mix shot on accident. :crossed_fingers:


I’m a Diabadass because I ate as much candy as the kids, and loved every minute of it.

Of course I took the requisite amount of insulin, and my Bg went up to 160, but Halloween only comes once a year.


I am a Diabadass because after a long morning of errands on foot I ended up at the local Purolator outlet which is not a Purolator place at all but a magazine store that does the package thing on the side and I wanted my LL Bean delivery which they said they’d tried to deliver but I was home all that day and no one buzzed the door so I had to figure out the real tracking number because LL Bean’s tracking number was not the same as Borderfree’s tracking number which was not the same as Purolator’s tracking number and by the time I got there I was seriously low despite my earlier 50% temp basal for two hours and I’d already eaten a whole tube of Dex tabs and just wanted to lie down on the sidewalk and sleep but I went in and handed the guy my shipping number and tracking number and then I took a Caramilk bar from the counter and said I’d pay for it and scarfed the whole thing in three seconds and the guy would look at a couple of boxes and say “Nope, nope, not today” and I’d think oh frickin do your job so I’d keep saying “It’s here, keep looking, please” meanwhile thinking I was going to pass out so I took a second Caramilk and scarfed it too and finally he found my box and I had to sign with my finger on the scanner thing but I just put an X because honestly I couldn’t remember how to write my signature not that I usually write it with my index finger but anyway the best part was he said at the end “So you like Caramilk, eh?” and I said “Not really, I’m a Type 1 diabetic and my blood sugar was really low” so he waved his hand and said “On the house.”


I was a diabadass today because I wore my site in a more visible spot, and with pride! (whereas normally it’s covered up on my stomach or legs.) I don’t know why but I feel more self conscious about my sites than dexcom (maybe because it looks more medical with the tubing)??


I’m diabadass today because I just drank a Shiner Hoiday Cheer beer. (Sooo good) Think I’ll have another:)


I took my diabadass to the orthopedic doctor today because he was such a badass in gym yesterday that he needed a cast on his hand today (and for the next 4-6 weeks)


I was a Diabadass today because I made it through the whole day walking with cane, no walker, including a trip to get blood draw. (Actually repeat draw, since they called me and said one of the tubes was lost or broken when I did draw a couple days ago.) Getting prepped for bone density scan, and probable treatments.