I used the Force on an Ethiopian dinner

Last night we had an Ethiopian dinner, with injera, tibs, lots of curries, split peas, lentils, etc. I had many difficult dishes with a lot of carbs and fat. I had no idea how many carbs it had and how to calculate. So I used the Force.

Here is how it went:

It went really well for my extended bolus (3 hours). But later that night I lost my nice track: lots of injections. So I still need a lot of practice with the Force.

Thanks to my Dad for the Clarity pic and data.


It still looks like you didn’t go much above 150 the whole night - that’s awesome for not knowing carb counts! Great job!


Wonderful job!

Using the Force is really such a liberating thing, because there are so many things you can use beside just carbs, BG and IOB. You can really become tuned in on what you need. I am happy to hear you doing that!

Your trace looks better than anything a forumua would give you! :wink:

We are building an army of Jedi D Warriors here!


Thank you, I think I was lucky!

Thank you @Eric! When I look at my BG for that meal, I think that I probably should have the same prebolus, but 6-7U of extended bolus over 6 hours instead of 4U over 3 hours. This meal had LOTS of fat. It is really good though!

@Chris wrote that @Cody does 100% pre-bolus for pizza, then 75% bolus over 4 hours. This meal was fattier than pizza I think, so that would kinda make sense: 100% prebolus (that’s what I did), then 66-77% extended bolus over 6 hours.

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