3 mega-meals in 24 hours!

My brother was going back to college this week, so we celebrated with him and had lots of big meals the day before he left. Here is my track for that whole time:

Wednesday night we had a big Ethiopian meal where I used the Force. Then Thursday we had to go to Chicago to get visas. We left really early to catch the train. I had to get up around 4:00am so I did not do very well over breakfast (I am insulin resistant when I am tired).

At lunch in Chicago we decided to have Chicago-style deep dish pizza, I had two big slices! That was a challenge. I used 100% pre-bolus, then 45% extended bolus over 2.5 hours. That was not quite enough and I still peaked some but not too much (158).

Then for dinner we had French fondue at home – also a big challenge because it has lots of carbs in the bread and a lot of fat in the cheese. This time I used 100% pre-bolus, then 70% extended bolus over 3 hours. That worked perfectly for me!

What I learned:

  1. when I wake up early I need to pre-bolus more

  2. next time for deep-dish pizza, I’ll do what @Cody does: 100% bolus followed by 75% extended bolus over 4 hours. It looks like it might work for me.

Still, I am happy with the day. It was a very hard day for dosing. I still peaked some but I think I know how I can deal with it better next time.


Another suggestion would be to go to bed earlier! It’s past midnight buddy… I bet you get insulin resistant when you go too late to bed the night before too :slight_smile:


158 spike after something like Chicago deep dish pizza is comparable to what a non diabetic would expect to see… (did you check your dads bg after that?) great job. I would call this a trifecta.


This is really interesting! I will make a note to share it with EH – as he’s been having lousy blood sugar at night a couple of weeks ago, it would explain why he’s been so out of whack during the day.

Thanks so much for putting together this information for us to see! I really think it looks like a success. And as a non-diabetic person, I probably would’ve had a food coma after eating some of those meals!


I don’t eat like this very often! It’s only because my brother was going back to college. But I did enjoy it, because not only was the food really good, but also my father and I like to take on challenges on hard foods or activities, so that I can figure out how to deal with them.

Of course, I typically fail several times before I get it right. But so far we have not found anything we could not tackle eventually. Right now i am still working on the banana split challenge for instance. In some cases like this one it is actually better to fail several times :smiley:


#unlimited bedtime


No worries, my friend. I don’t judge! I also know EH and I love to try things when the time is right, and deep dish in Chicago seems like the perfect example! And heck, if there is a time in life when you can “get away” with eating a trifecta of crazy meals, it’s certainly high school! Please, enjoy all those rad meals for me. I love to live vicariously through other’s meals!

Also, I am so happy that you guys are willing to experiment and tinker around. And while away from home and with little sleep. I am sure it is an inspiration for many. I have a few friends who don’t travel particularly well, are uncomfortable trying new things, and they’re not trying to be on top of T1 at the same time either! So more power to you and your youthful tummy! Go for it!


Great job @Kaelan! I hope the pizza was Uno’s or Lou Malnatis. :smirk:

Ive been searching for a deep dish strategy so I appreciate your post. Thanks.


Thank you, @Millz! It was Giordano’s – I hope it still is good?

Of course!! The important thing is that you enjoyed it.