I need help w/ the omnipod + dexcom

hi! so my phone was recently added to the list of compatible devices for the omnipod 5 app, and both my pod and dexcom needed new sites. i tried to enter my dexcom’s sn into the omnipod app and it wouldn’t let me save it… so i disconnected it from both the omnipod app and the dexcom and put in a new one (probably a fault on my end) and switched back to my pdm, and now my pdm won’t accept the new sn even though i disconnected the old one. the dexcom app is working fine so im not sure what to do…

What happens when you try to enter the SN?

First remove the stored transmitter SN from all devices. You may need to tell your phone to ‘forget’ that bluetooth connection. Next, put all devices in airplane mode and turn off bluetooth. Shut off all devices for 15 minutes. Turn on your phone leave it in airplane mode, turn on bluetooth then go through the steps of allowing bluetooth to find the DEXCOM transmitter entering the SN when prompted. Once your phone is connected to the transmitter open the app for OM5 and go through the same steps. Once everything is reconnected via bluetooth, then take the devices out of airplane mode

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